Thinking of doing an RV trip this summer? First off, you’re just about to have the time of your life, and second, here’s a list of some of the top five things to during an RV campout.

  • Detour – As the Buddha said, “It is better to travel well than to arrive.” Our lives are full of things to do and our days end up warping themselves into some sort of a checklist where we derive an artificial sense of meaning and purpose. Taking the kids to school, picking them up from soccer practice, send out the memo, cook dinner, plan out the rest of the week, and on and on. Do you really think that’s what our lives amount to? Of course cooking dinner for the kids and thousands of other “to-do’s” are an important part of us fulfilling our responsibilities, but there’s more to life than that. The golden part about RV camping is that you can head out with a destination in mind, but completely change your course just because you can. No need to cancel the hotel reservation or refund the tickets to Disneyland; adventure starts right when you get in an RV. So take advantage of the autonomy and drive the extra two hours because you’re “that close” to the Grand Canyon. Sure there’s always danger in adventure, but it’s monotony that could kill you.


  • Movie Night – The whole reason RV’s exist is so we can enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing everyday luxuries. So take advantage of the technology RV’s have to offer and after a day of outdoor adventure, relax and watch a movie inside or stay outside and project it on the side of your RV.


  • Meet & Greet At RV Camping Stations – If you’re a social butterfly that meeting new people, you can always take advantage of RV Camping Stations. Located all across the United States are RV friendly places to stop off or gas up at. With loads of people like yourself that are taking on the adventure or RV traveling, camping stations are a great place to meet new people. It’s like getting a new set of neighbors for however long you want.


  • Bring The Bikes – With loads of space RV’s make bringing bikes super accommodating. Whether you toss them on a trailer hitch or store them inside, it’s a fun activity to fill your day with while you start enjoying outside and isn’t anywhere close to the hassle of bringing bikes with a car.


  • Picnic – Nothing sums up living the American dream quite like picnicking outside an RV and under the canopy does. With tons of area to store food and all the necessary utilities to cook and prepare it, RV camping gives you everything you need to enjoy the picturesque American vacation; egg salad and all.


While we listed some of our favorite activities, there are loads of other options that come with RV camping. From bringing a net and playing volleyball, setting up a game of Monopoly, or the ever popular capture the flag at night, there is never a dull moment when you’re RV camping.