It’s that time of year. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, the sun is shining, and it’s time to get out of the office to take that long overdue vacation. It’s around this time of year that some people are going on the vacations they have been planning and looking forward to for a while now. Meanwhile, the majority knows they need to take time off, but have just started thinking about where they want to go.

As is always the prevalent, price becomes an issue. Is this the year you are flying out to Hawaii with all those pennies you have been saving or are you going to spend another year saving pennies and taking the more cost effective choice? And of course, when the cost effective discussion comes up, you may be tempted to be one of those people that believes the best way to save money is to stay at work and just skip vacation this summer. The only way that will work is if you plan on dying earlier, because we all know vacation is essential for good health. You need time to get good sleep and reduce the stress. It has been proven with a host of studies to prevent heart disease, increase productivity, etc, etc.

Now that you know you need a vacation and if you are deciding to skip out on Europe, Mexico, or Caribbean trips, what are you going to do? One of the best vacation options close to home is RV camping. One of the camping myths that get people out in tents is that RV’s are very expensive. False. Renting one for a few nights will normally cost you significantly less than one flight out to Europe or even less than a couple nights in a hotel. It is the best way to go enjoy nature while not forfeiting the luxury of home life. Sleeping on the ground in a tent was for back when your dinner choices were pork and beans or ramen noodles. RV camping gives you the best of both worlds where you get to save money, but don’t lose the simple comforts of life we enjoy everyday.

Alright, next question; where to?

If you are going camping, go ahead and close your eyes to imagine where you are…out in the middle of the woods surrounded by pine trees. There is a river running nearby right at the base of a mountain with a cool breeze headed your way. Many people think this scene only exists in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and Utah, but end up missing out on California’s own beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. One of our favorite places to go RV camping is at Mammoth Lakes. It is super close to home which saves you the gas money on traveling to other mountain ranges along with boasting some of the most breathtaking hikes (Panorama Dome Trail, Duck Pass Trail, St. Anton Trail, Mammoth Mountain Trail, etc.), clearest lakes for fishing, kayaking, boating, swimming, and canoeing (Emerald Lake, Eastern Sierra, Mono Lake, Mammoth Lakes Basin, etc.). Basically what we’re trying to say is that RV camping in Mammoth Lakes has enough activities to suffice for a whole paragraph of run on sentences. So unless you’re going to Hawaii, come on out here.