A Mammoth Lakes camping trip is incomplete without exploring the exciting and beautiful terrain at Mammoth Bike Park, so if you are planning your summer Mammoth Lakes camping adventures now (the Mammoth Bike Park opens in June!), be sure to include at least a day to visit some of the most gorgeous bike trails in California!

California Mammoth Bike Park

With an astounding 80 miles of single track sprawled over 3,500 acres, Mammoth Bike Park is the ideal location for any type of biking adventure and all levels of biking experience and ability level. Just like the variety of options available when enjoying Mammoth Lakes camping itself, the diversity of terrain and various levels of difficulty offered by the Mammoth Bike Park is guaranteed to give each biker their own unique, and memorable experience.


Those who are new to mountain biking will enjoy the lift which is designed specifically for beginners to take them to the area at Mammoth Bike Park known as the Discovery Zone, terrain that creates just the right amount of challenge and comfort for amateur mountain bikers who are looking to learn the ropes of this exciting outdoor activity.

Additionally, what makes the Mammoth Bike Park such a great place to begin your mountain biking experience is the fact that there are lessons and bike clinics offered which are really helpful for riders of all levels of experience, with the intro to the bike park group lesson being the ideal offer for those families who have scheduled a day out of their Mammoth Lakes camping trip to experience mountain biking for the first time as a family. This lesson deal is also ideal because it allows even those families with young kids (6 years and older) to get the most out of the entire mountain biking experience!

A new and exciting option offered by Mammoth Bike Park is the Road to the Kamikaze Bike Clinics, which gives both beginners, and intermediate and advanced riders the time and terrain to sharpen their skills and learn and practice their overall awareness on the mountain, so no matter what your skill level or specific mountain biking-goal may be, you are sure to get yourself on the right path at Mammoth Bike Park!

If you didn’t haul any mountain bikes along with you on your Mammoth Lakes camping trip but still want to experience the excitement of mountain biking, fear not because the experts at Mammoth Bike Park have you covered with one of the best rental services that offers a wide range of features including Great free overnight bike storage for multi-day rentals, expert staff capable of fitting each individual with just the right bike, as well as convenient trail-side locations designed for mid-ride bike adjustments.

The summer of 2016 is going to be an eventful one at Mammoth Bike Park, beginning in July with the 2016 USA Cycling Nationals, followed by the Leigh Donovan Camp, as well as the well-renowned Trek Dirt Series, which is coming to Mammoth Bike Park on the 27th and 28th of August. Now that you are aware of all the excitement and biking opportunities available at Mammoth Bike Park, you can see why a Mammoth Lakes camping trip is incomplete without a trip to this memorable destination!