Let’s Talk Hookup is a podcast authority for Southern Sportsfishing. It is hosted by Pete Gray and Rick Maxa. Their content mainly features freshwater and saltwater fishing in Southern California and Baja.  

Every Saturday and Sunday, they bring in a guest to talk about fishing, camping, and related thing. Last March 29, they invited our very own Ryan Dore to their show! Here is how it went down.  

First, Ryan talked about what Adventure in Camping does. He explained that AIC brings the RVs to the customer’s camping site of choice, then pack it up when the guests are done. AIC prepares everything, so the guests have a relaxing time while camping, without setting up camp. Adventure in Camping services a large area, including the Mammoth Lakes, June Lake Loop, Crowley Lake, Convict Lake, & Rock Creek, Bishop Area, Crestview & Deadman Area, Lee Vining Area, Devil’s Postpile Area & Red’s Meadow. Ryan also discussed the different trailers we offer at Adventure in Camping. Adventure in camping has about 50 trailers for rental. The small ones are about 20 feet, and the big ones are about 32 feet that can fit up to 8 to 9 adults. Ryan explained that prices on the website include set-up and delivery, and clean-up as well.  

Rick has been a fan of Adventure in Camping for a while, and he mentioned what a great experience he had when renting one of our trailers. Guests are treated with the same convenience you would expect from traditional lodging, but with the added benefit of all the camping experience. Your vehicle can be set up steps from a lake or a stream. Further, you don’t need to spend a fortune to do so. 

The show also took in a couple of questions from listeners. One caller asked what is the perfect trailer for couples hanging out. Ryan responded that AIC has trailers that have two bedrooms for privacy. Anywhere from 24 feet to 32 feet-trailer would be a nice choice. A caller asked about which campsites are the best for fishing in a kayak. Ryan suggested Gull Lake and June Lake are great options. Another caller asked if Adventure in Camping offers any discounts for the military. AIC provides a military discount of 15%. 

Fishing season starts in June, and Adventure in Camping is getting their trailers ready for guests!