Camping is a stress buster, an ultimate activity for bonding, instant outdoor adventure and many more. But did you know that it can also be a teacher? Many things that you learn from camping are not found on your 2,000-page books or the encyclopedia, sometimes not even on the Internet. So, we are giving you a glimpse of the lessons you will most likely bring home after a night in the outdoors your school classrooms won’t let you know:


  1. What basic means
    Going on an outdoor adventure means you cannot bring your entire house with you. With only a backpack on, you need to pick only the necessities for your trip. When it comes down to choosing what items to bring, a camper is often confronted with the question “what do I need?”Most of the time, the things we need to go up the mountain is everything we need to survive life in the city. Do you really need those foamy slippers you always wear to bed at night? Or the third iPhone you just bought weeks back?
  2. Living unplugged
    Research showed that every day, office workers spend an average of seven hours in front of a computer screen, a smart phone, or a tablet. This figure is alarming because it affects the human brain negatively, not to mention accelerates the aging of the eyes. Living unplugged for two to three days means your body can reboot its system and get rid of all that radiation and gamma glare. Living unplugged means you can leave the toxic social media and enjoy the chirping of the birds or smell the flowers. While these things seem like a necessity, a camping trip will prove otherwise. Equipped only with a power bank, your phone usage will definitely decline because you would want to reserve your phone’s energy for emergency purposes.
  3. Sense of direction
    It might seem like a surprise but many people are lost because they do not have a sense of direction. This is one of the most important lessons you can bring home after a camping trip. With no street names, alleys, and policemen to help you navigate your way, how do you go up and down the mountain in once piece? Having a sense of direction is not only a camping related skill. It can be used anywhere and can be utilized anytime, especially during emergency situations. If you are trapped in a building on fire and the firemen shouts go to the west of the building, life and death can be a step away from choosing to go left or right.
  4. Independence
    You say, you live with yourself in an apartment in California and that makes you a strong independent woman. But campers have another definition of independence. When you are outdoors, there is no one who can help you with your chores.  You have to do things by yourself, even the uncomfortable. If you are someone who loves to takeout food in the morning, there is no takeout shop in the camp. You have to cook your own food. If you are someone who hates the dishes and rely on dishwashers to save the day, then it is your time to shine and sing that plate and utensils a welcome song.These are simple activities that will help us feel more independent and empowered. If you can solve these little troubles then you are good to go to solve the bigger obstacles ahead of you in camping.
  5. Explore your boundaries
    We are often limited by our space and capacity. This is something that camping helps us break. When you are outdoors, you can explore many new things, do stuff for the first time, and try activities you used to hate, or sometimes conquer a fear. Camping pushes an individual to get out of their comfort zones, and when people are in their most uncomfortable it is when they start to grow. Sleeping on rocky grounds, showering with only three tubs of water, using only one towel to dry yourself, and many more; camping helps a person get over his or her own pet peeves.

If you are a first time camper and are worried about your capacity to survive the great outdoors, there are camping grounds in California that are novice-friendly like those we offer in Adventure in Camping. While they provide enough space and independence to their campers, their guests can still call on the staff if they need help with their trailers or setting up camp. Camping is a favorite outdoor activity in California because of its many benefits. Next time you plan a holiday with your family and friends, why not consider spending it under the stars with your trailer in tow? If you do not have a trailer, Adventure in Camping can rent you a unit and you can choose depending on your group’s needs and specifications. Give us a call of shoot us an email and we will be very glad to assist you in your next outdoor adventure.