Camping in an RV can be so much fun. Keeping cool in your RV can sometimes be a little tricky. Here are a few tips to help keep your RV cool and enjoy your fun outdoors:

Park North

The direction you park your RV is very important. You will want to make sure that you park the RV facing North. Most RV’s have the least amount of windows on the side with the entrance door, and this side also typically has an awning. By facing the RV North, you will have the morning sun hitting the right side of your RV. You are then able to have the awning out to cover the windows and help block the sun as it hits the right side of your RV.

As the sun rotates above your RV and sets on the left side, you will want to take some precautions to help against the heat from the sun. You can insert some reflective bubble insulation called Reflectix and lower the nightshades. This will help to reflect the sun’s heat from heating up your RV. Don’t forget about the skylight in your shower! You would be surprised how much heat can enter thru that small of an area. Putting some Reflectix over it, or painting over it, can help to block out the sun’s hot rays.

Cook Outside

A good way to help with keeping the heat down on the inside of your RV is to do all your cooking outside. Solar ovens are very convenient and can cook almost all your food. If you are more into using a BBQ to do all your cooking, that is another great option. Another outdoor method of cooking is using a crock pot, if you have electricity, or a Dutch Oven. These two cooking methods are a fun option, especially if you plan on enjoying some activities and want to come back to the RV and eat, and not have to take the time to prepare your meal.

By keeping your stove and oven off during the hot hours of the day, this will dramatically keep the interior temperature down to a comfortable level. Once the sun has set and the cool night temperatures come, cooking inside your RV can be done as long as you have air movement to keep the hot air from filling up your vehicle.

Air Movement

There are a few ways to keep the air moving inside your RV. Heppa filter fans help to keep air circulating and keep the dust down if you have allergies. Attaching an output roof vent fan can help with drawing the warm air inside your RV out thru the roof.

Once the sun goes down the outside temps begin to cool, open up your storage bays and cupboards and try to vent off the built up heat in them before bedtime. By opening all the windows you can also get a cross breeze to move the hot air out and bring the cooler air in.

Filters in the Windows

If you are going to be opening your windows it’s a good suggestion to make sure you have filters in all your windows. This will help cut back on dust coming into the RV. In this case, the more expensive filters will work the best and last the longest.

Evaporative Coolers

These are also sometimes called Swamp Coolers. They work by filtering air thru cold water, which makes the air cold when it is blown into your RV. These can either be purchased or made DIY.

They can be made to fit perfectly in a standard vent fan opening so when you are installing, you don’t’ have to cut any holes in the roof. That’s a bonus especially if you are renting your RV!These are just a few ways to keep your RV cool while camping out in the hot summer weather. If you aren’t able to stay cool, remember you are on wheels and can always just move to a cooler spot!

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