Summer is all about baring toned body, letting down that beach hair, and enjoying those sun-kissed cheeks. Fall, on the other hand, is about camping and appreciating the tall green trees and cold rivers.

Fall is the best season to camp because the weather is fair and predictable – not too cold and too hot. At 60.9 degrees Fahrenheit or 16.1 degrees Celsius, campers can still enjoy light to moderate clothing– no need to pack the entire closet.

A comfortable outfit is always best for a walk and it may also be a good idea to hunt wild berries that are in season while taking a stroll. Some wild berries that are in season during the Fall can be found mixed with the bushes like cranberries.

Others would like to hike the difficulty level of walking and go full head on to trekking. This can also be a good idea as the paths would still be clear because the season is in transition. No random downpour or extreme heat during the day climb.

This activity proves can be the most rewarding as the nature’s colors come most vibrant during this time of the year—the trees greener, the rivers are clear blue, and the lakes are calm.

Imagine waking up in the morning, getting off your RV and seeing blue skies, hearing the stream of water, and feeling the grass on your feet.

Yes. Campers can go barefoot when camping during Fall because there are less bugs in the area. Campers will be safer from mosquitos and other annoying insects because mosquitos, in particular, like to breed during the summer when temperatures are up the roof.

The best part of this trip? If summer prevents eating comfort food because a flat stomach is a must at the beach, Fall is the perfect time to munch on that favorite snack. With a slightly colder weather, camping during this season makes comfort food the best meals in the world – from chips to chocolates, barbeques and hotdogs, and beer.

Another reason to drive your RV by the park is to spend quality time with loved ones or friend, or simply bond with officemates. A small space can be a bit of a trouble during the Summer but it is a totally different story in Fall. A snuggle is always welcome while watching the stars by the window of the vehicle or when seated in front of the bonfire roasting marshmallows for smores.

Keep in mind to book the best spot in the camping grounds. A camp site that is too crowded can be counter-productive for everyone.  If it is too noisy or if there are too many people in the area, the trip can be more stressful than memorable.

Last but not the least, camping during the fall can be beneficial for the campers’ wellbeing. After the Labor Day Holiday, everyone goes back to their day jobs, and a good camp during this time can relax tensed muscles or relieve a stressed mind.

Camping during the fall is not only fun and exciting, it is also good for the health. This activity allows people to reconnect with nature during the most beautiful season of the year.