It’s that time of the year again-fishing season is open in California! So if you are planning on going on an RV camping trip and are looking for camping spots with access to some great fishing, Mammoth Lakes region is one of California’s best destinations for your next outdoor adventure! And since there hasn’t been as much snowfall over the past few seasons, there is less of a heavy snow pack to keep the campgrounds closed longer into the year; in other words, the campgrounds are open ready for the opening of the fishing season to begin.

We have put together a list of the popular family camping destinations throughout the Mammoth Lakes region and when they open for the season; be sure to check this list out before planning your upcoming RV camping trip.

Brown’s Town Campground: This family RV campground is located in the Owen’s Valley and camper’s who come for the fishing end up staying for the exceptionally clean campground, and thoughtful staff at this beautiful campground. They are currently open for business!

Pleasant Valley Campground: Ideal for fishing since it’s located close to Owen’s River (renowned for the Crowley Steelhead), this campground is even open year-round for family RV camping trips, so be sure to make your reservations when you decide on your dates!

Crowley Lake Fish Camp: Located in the gorgeous Eastern Sierras, Crowley Lake is a large man made reservoir that is known all over the Western United States as a fantastic spot for trout fishing. While the fishing seasons begins the final Saturday in April in the Eastern Sierras, Crowley Lake Fish Camp has a full-service marina with full-RV hook up rental sites currently available to reserve.

Mammoth Mountain RV Park: An RV camping trip in the beautiful town of Mammoth Lakes, California gives you the opportunity to have your ideal outdoor adventure- especially if that adventure involves fishing! The Mammoth Lakes region is abundant in lakes, rivers, reservoirs and streams, and is perfect for any type of fishing you are looking to do on your next RV camping trip.

Brown’s Millpond Campground: For a relaxing family RV getaway this fishing season, the Brown’s Millpond Campground located in the High Sierras is not only right next to the waters of a creek, but this campground also has a fishing pond on the property-perfect for family fishing adventures!

June Lake Campground: The campsites located in the forest right above the eastern shoreline of the 257-acre June Lake make this destination the perfect spot for your next RV camping/fishing trip. And the proximity to excellent trout fishing isn’t the only reason to love June Lake Campground; nearby Mono Lake makes for even more outdoor activities to choose from!

Crowley Lake Campground: While this campground and surrounding lake and creek are ideal for family camping and trout fishing, the recent weather conditions unfortunately have impacted the opening season date, and this campground will not be open for reservations until May 5, 2017.

The above campgrounds are just a small peak of all the RV camping options available to you and your family for the opening of fishing season, so no matter where you want to spend your next camping trip, Adventure in Camping has just the right site for you!