Now that summer is finally here, it is time to start planning some time away from work and get started on summer camping. Whether or not you’re a renter, or one of the 8.9 million households that own an RV or recreational vehicle, RV and trailer camping is one of the best ways to get some rest and relaxation. It can be one of the best and most cost effective ways to get away from the day-to-day stresses of normal life, but like most things in life, if you don’t do it right, it can become an unpleasant experience. In order to help you have the greatest RV and trailer camping experience, we’ve taken some info from Nationwide along with some of our suggestions to give you a few tips on how to be a good RV camping neighbor.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

Cities all across the United States have been growing like crazy for quite some time now. The more people we end up with in the city, the more people end up getting that cabin fever that sends them out to the campgrounds. While many people love camping to get away from the crowds, it’s a real long shot to hope that you will get the whole place to yourself, especially in RV lots. Of course you set this time aside to spend with family and friends, but it doesn’t hurt to start a few relationships and at least be courteous by introducing yourself and just letting them know how long you plan to be there. What also seems to happen quite frequently is that most of the kids in neighboring campgrounds will congregate to play a round of capture the flag or some good old fashioned “hide and go seek.” So it is probably a good idea to know who your kids will be spending time with.

Keep It Down

Even though you’re out of the city doesn’t mean you shouldn’t observe a curfew. Don’t be that person that plays “Please Don’t Stop The Music” until two in the morning or else you are guaranteed to be surrounded by some unhappy campers. Remember that it is also in the ranger’s jurisdiction to keep the campground orderly, so don’t pretend like you are outside the law.

Don’t Take the Crow’s Path

Just like respecting a curfew, be sure to be mindful and considerate concerning your neighbor’s campgrounds. What would you do if somebody decided just to cruise on in your front door, pass through the kitchen, and end up jumping over your backyard fence just to save on time. It may seem a little less weird when the walls aren’t there, but the same principle still applies. It is their vacation too, so be sure to give everyone their space.

While You’re Out, Be A Scout

One of the camping mottos for the Boy Scouts of America is to make the campground look better than when you first got there. It’s a common rule of thumb to pick up your trash, but for some reason campgrounds get littered with cans and bottles. Also remember only to burn kindling instead of turning your fire pit into the garbage can for all the paper plates, cups, and utensils. As an RV camper, be sure to check all your hoses and make sure that everything is stowed away instead or left behind. Oh, and please empty the septic tank at a designated location. We are all sure everyone would appreciate that.