Now that the country is starting to loosen up on travel restrictions, experts are expecting people to maximize the opportunity to finally get out of the house. Where will these people go, and how will they go out?

According to CBC News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg, there is a pretty good chance that these newly-freed people will drive away on an adventure. “We’re going to take a lot of road trips. Some one-tank trips where we can go just for the day and come back, not even do an overnight,” Greenberg predicts. He also expects the demand for recreational vehicles, whether in rental services or purchases, to spike hard once travel restrictions completely ease up.

Greenberg imagines the roads occupied with RVs and pick-up trucks full of families wanting to travel together. RVs are especially useful in these situations because they serve as a mobile home of sorts, allowing families to continue quarantining themselves while traveling around the country and rediscovering popular areas.

Camping As the Go-To Activity

People are still wary about making contact with others, and with good reason. The pandemic doesn’t seem likely to be over anytime soon, and it’s much better to be safe than sorry in these crucial times. As such, families vacationing in their RVs aren’t expected to make stops at restaurants and other food establishments. Instead, they will probably stock up on groceries before the trip so they can prepare their own food inside the RV. Even people traveling in large non-recreational vehicles might just set up a tent and camp somewhere while cooking food.

With international travel essentially out of the question right now, there are limited options as to where people can go to blow off steam and stress during the outbreak. Camping will surely become a popular activity, with people flocking to state parks and national parks to once again feel how it’s like to be outdoors and bonding with nature.

Greenberg recommends going to smaller towns to ensure their local parks aren’t as in demand as more prominent, more commercialized parks found in the big cities. Additionally, social distancing is almost a norm in small towns, so there won’t be too much adjustment necessary for the visiting family and the local townspeople. It’ll present a safer opportunity to relax in a new environment after being stuck at home for months.

RV Demand Rising

Before the pandemic, there wasn’t such a need for recreational vehicles. After all, it’s basically a mobile home, and if you don’t plan on going on a road trip with your family soon, there’s really no need to buy one.

That changes significantly with the pandemic’s effects on people’s lifestyles. After being quarantined for a lengthy period, people are desperately looking for a way to get out of the house, and an RV allows them to bring the entire family on a road trip while emulating the comforts of home.

The sudden increase in RV demand stems from the need to minimize the chances of catching the coronavirus while still being able to go outside in a safe, secure, and controllable environment. Major RV manufacturers like Thor and Winnebago Industries have ramped up production to meet the growing customer demand, and even rental dealers are expressing substantial business numbers as people keep coming in to secure their RVs.

A Final Word About COVID-19 and RV Camping

The pandemic has managed to shut down thousands of businesses, but luckily the RV industry not only survived but is starting to thrive in the new normal. People aren’t buying RVs for recreational camping; some customers use the RV as a mobile office, choosing to take their work on the road for better concentration and to create a distinct separation from home after working remotely for months.

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Source: Chicago Tribune