Camping is one of those age-old traditions that allows us to reconnect with nature all the while being with the ones with love in a relaxing environment. And whether your family rents or owns an RV or camping trailer, we all know what its like to experience that perfect balance of nature and comforts from home when you’re finally unpacked and sitting around a campfire, or right beside a pristine lake, with the ones you love. RV camping in California really is a wonderful experience no matter where you choose to go, so with that being said, let’s take a look at how some of these nifty camping gadgets listed below can make your trip even more enjoyable!

  1. Wind-resistant burner attachment for any lighter: This pocket-sized attachment has the ability to turn any standard lighter into a torch capable of reaching temperatures up to 2300 degrees F. Such a device can really come in handy when the wind is making it impossible for you to get the fire or the stove started!
  2. Personal water-filter: Another small device that just might save your life if an emergency were to occur during an RV camping trip, a personal water filter can turn any water source into a drinkable water source via chemical-free filters that remove essentially all bacteria and toxins from the water.
  3. Mosquito-repellant bracelet: Simply put on one of these scentless bands around your wrist and the natural mosquito repellant will effectively keep you mosquito-free for up to 5 days.
  4. Outdoor survival tool: Most hand-held survival tools come equipped with a variety of potentially life-saving items help you in an emergency, like a needle, compass, combination knife, LED light, and even lifesaving tips.
  5. Standup Lantern: Without adequate light during the night a campsite is dark and in prime condition for causing accidents, so do yourself the favor of bringing a durable lantern that can self-stand without falling over.
  6. Portable solar charger: Since energy is of the essence during an RV camping trip so why not take advantage of all the sunlight with a solar energy charger to charge your devices at night without having to use the generator?
  7. Portable radiant heater: If you plan on going winter camping this year or are headed to a particularly cold location, it might be a good idea to invest in a portable radiant heater.
  8. Headlamp: A headlamp can make life a camp a whole lot easier when moving around at night, as they are much less of a burden to carry around than traditional style flashlights.
  9. Wood burning camp stove: What’s more efficient than a stove that can charge your phone at the same time that it’s boiling a cup of water? The space-saving design also makes this ideal to pack along on an RV camping trip.
  10. Portable personal antennae: Never fall completely off the map with this gadget, the personal antennae that you connect to your device to get a signal no matter where you are.