High Sierra RV camping offers an exciting and unique experience, especially during spring (from March to early June) when the temperatures are mild and comfortable, although it can still be cold at higher elevations like the ski resorts at Mammoth Lakes and Lake Tahoe. If you need RV rental in this region known for its wild beauty and outdoor activities, you can choose from Adventure in Camping’s large fleet of travel trailers

Each of our travel trailers comes with a flush toilet, fridge, shower, stove/oven, and kitchen. Our goal is to give you home-like amenities to make your camping convenient and fun for the whole family. 

High Sierra RV camping during spring: What it’s like? 

The landscape is fresh and invigorating during spring when dormant plants and seeds begin to grow, flowers bloom, and the hibernating animals get out from their den and burrow. The scenery is also different from other seasons as the days become longer, leading to warmer temperatures and a clear blue sky reflected by the turquoise- and sapphire-colored lakes.

Aside from different scenery, booking your High Sierra RV camping in spring also offers a unique experience and a set of benefits. 

What are the benefits of RV camping in spring?

We list the unique benefits you can expect when you schedule your RV camping trip in spring. 

Cheaper rates

High Sierra RV campsites and RV rentals typically offer discounts during their off-season. For example, Adventure in Camping provides up to 30% off during off-peak times, in addition to other promos like military and first responder discounts. 

(Note: Our promos and discounts are based on eligibility and may only be used independently and combined.)

Smaller crowd

One thing that can easily ruin a close-to-nature vacation is the presence of boisterous crowds of vacationers. Fortunately, this is rarely an issue when you book your RV camping in winter and early spring.

More spontaneous vacation

Thanks to smaller crowds, a spring camping trip provides more freedom and spontaneity. By contrast, a summer trip often entails reserving an RV campsite for months in advance; this is especially true if it’s near popular nature parks and mainstream destinations in California’s High Sierra. 

Almost-perfect weather 

While spring usually brings rain (from downpour to just a drizzle), overall, the weather is excellent for camping adventures and activities like hiking, biking, boating, bird watching and nature sightseeing. 

Despite the increasing sunshine and rising temperatures, the weather in the High Sierra is generally mild and comfortable during spring, although the highest peaks (where ski resorts operate) are still cold. Consequently, this season is perfect for someone who hates the sweltering heat of the summer months. 

Unique wildlife experience 

In spring, animals awaken from their winter hibernation, most younglings are born, the snow begins to melt as the weather gets warmer, and the plants start to grow and the flowers bloom. In short, you get to see and experience a different landscape during this season. 

Fewer bugs

Many species of bugs prefer warm weather so they tend to peak in summer, while others surge in winter as they find shelter from the cold. Simply put, spring is the season with fewer bugs. 

While you can’t entirely avoid bugs during your camping trip (after all, they’re part of nature, right?), there are ways that will ensure you encounter them less: 

  • When picking out an RV campsite, choose a spot that’s away from tall grass, stagnant ponds, thick bushy woods and garbage dumpsters.
  • If you want to see fewer bugs during your short hiking trip, get up early in the morning, right before the sun comes up.  
  • You can bring bug sprays or creams, essential oil insect repellent or diffusers, etc. 

Final word 

While spring offers an exciting and unique RV camping experience, the truth is, there is no “best” season to enjoy a nature vacation. In today’s fast-paced, stressful world, any time is a great time to disconnect and be close to nature. 

If you need an RV rental service in California’s Eastern Sierra, Adventure in Camping has the newest and largest fleet of travel trailers equipped with home-like amenities like flush toilet, kitchen, and beds. You can book your camper with us or call us at (760) 935-4890.