The coronavirus outbreak has hit campers and camping enthusiasts hard, completely shutting down travel options and also causing several campsites to suspend or close operations indefinitely.

Fortunately, the pandemic seems to be nearing its end, with multiple vaccines slowly moving towards considerable success rates in defeating the virus. Communities are also getting better at controlling the outbreak, which is why many places are already easing up on lockdown and travel restrictions.

With the world on the verge of returning to normalcy, it’s easy to get excited in anticipation of the upcoming camping season. Now that the holiday season is here, you might want to give your camping buddies a gift to celebrate the eventual comeback of outdoor camping. Here are a few gift choices to help you get started on your shopping list:

Lawn Chairs

Lawn chairs are exceptional during camping activities. The long drive to the campsite plus the hiking activities once you get there can cause significant fatigue, especially on one’s legs. Having a lawn chair that you can easily prop up is especially useful in times when you just want to sit down and stretch your legs as you rest and relax. Lawn chairs are also great for enjoying time around a campfire while people play games or tell stories.

When buying a lawn chair as a gift, find models that are easy to fold up and take minimal storage space. That way, your friend can carry it around more easily and just set it up whenever he (or she) wants to relax and observe nature.

Insulated Food Containers

Camping isn’t as fun without due sustenance, and while it’s always nice to explore food options along the road, it’s easy to miss home cooking when you’re away on a trip. To fix this, you can bring insulated food containers so that you can bring home-cooked food without worrying about it getting cold or spoiled easily.

An insulated food container is an ideal gift for people who prefer hot dishes prepared from a home kitchen over reheated goods and precooked foods. It’s also more environmentally friendly because there’s no food packaging to worry about after you’re done eating, you can simply wash your container and put it back in your bag.

Insulated Mugs

As important as food containers are, insulated mugs might be the more popular gift option. People love having access to warm coffee anywhere they are, and having a hot drink perfectly insulated in an easy-to-carry and spill-proof mug as you go on a long trip paints a perfect picture for camping enthusiasts who like a constant morning pick-me-up.

There are several brands that you can choose from when shopping for insulated mugs, so make sure you purchase the most durable models. After all, it’s going to be used for a camping trip, so it has to be durable enough to survive possible outdoor conditions such as getting dropped on a rock or getting torched by the sun. The size also matters, so consider how much the person you’ll be giving it to normally drinks.


Warm Blankets

Camping in an open space means major opportunities for getting cold, and a warm blanket would feel like a comfortable embrace of heat and safety to help campers sleep better. old nights call for warm blankets. Blankets are also important in case of an emergency, as they can be used for quick warming in a case of hypothermia, or to assist a person from experiencing shock during intense situations.

Thicker blankets are typically better suited for outdoor camping because they provide more warmth, but of course, not everyone might prefer the same thickness. Always consider the person you’ll be giving it to when gauging a blanket’s coziness and size.

A Sturdy Cooler

There are insulated mugs for people who enjoy warm drinks, and there’s a cooler for those who like their drinks (specifically beer) below zero temperature. If your friend is the type of camper whose trip wouldn’t be complete without a couple of beer bottles by the campfire, buying him (or her) a portable cooler just enough to fit his (or her) drinks in should be a wonderful holiday gift.

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A Final Word on Buying Gifts for a Camping Enthusiast

While the gift ideas mentioned above are ideal for a camper, ultimately you’ll be the one to decide what kind of gift can make your friend the happiest because you know him (or her) better. Sometimes, people like personalized gifts more than practical tools.

Perhaps the best gift you can give a camping enthusiast is to go on a camping trip with him (or her). While it might not be possible right now, it wouldn’t hurt to book a trip in advance so that you can go as soon as the pandemic conditions allow. For the ultimate stress-free outdoor experience, you should get in touch with Adventure in Camping. Adventure in Camping is a premier trailer rental service in the Mammoth Lakes and Eastern Sierras region, and they can definitely assist you in planning a relaxing and fun camping experience.

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