With the arrival of an all new RV camping season sooner than you think, it’s time to get out that camping gear and clean out those RV’s for another season of outdoor adventures! But with all the preparation and things to do to get ready for the RV camping season, it can be easy to forget to do a task or bring a specific item. So to help you avoid the usual chaos that comes along with getting ready for an RV camping trip, we have put together a list of 10 steps which will help you start your RV adventure off right!

  1. Check the RV’s exterior: After sitting in your garage or driveway for a few months, its
    important to check your RV for any signs of leaks or water damage, including the roof, vents, air conditioner, and caulking around the window. This step is crucial because discovering a water leak during your RV trip could ruin your vacation!
  2. Inspect the RV tires: The durability and condition of an RV’s tires have a huge impact of the safety of your ride, as well as on the comfort of your transportation. Perform a thorough check of all the tires on your RV by looking for cracks and checking the tire pressure, making sure they meet the manufacture’s standards.
  3. Clean those appliances: Inspect and clean all the appliances in your RV, looking for webs, debris, and insects that could impair the functioning of the appliances, and remember to never blow high pressure up the chimney of the refrigerator with an air compressor when cleaning the burner!
  4. Check the condition of your RV battery: When inspecting the condition of your RV battery after first completely turning off the vehicle and disconnecting the battery, look for corroded terminals and impaired connections, while also checking the fluid levels.
  5. Inspect all water lines and pipes: Prior to flushing out the lines, make sure that the hot water heater bypass valve is in the ‘on’ position, and that all water faucets are closed. When flushing the water through the RV lines, be sure to run enough water to get all the antifreeze out of the pipes.
  6. Test appliances and generator for functionality: Start the generator and check all the main functions on it, including the oil levels and air filters. Also make sure that all the RV’s appliances work, including your gas leak detectors.
  7.  Inspect the dump and sewer hoses: Since sewer hoses have a limited lifespan its vital to check them for rips and tears at the start of every RV season, as it can be difficult to find a replacement sewer hose if the one you have happens to tear while in the middle of your trip!
  8. Make sure the awnings are secure for transportation: Check to make sure there are no holes, rips, runs, or that any pieces of the awning have come detached from the RV itself, because a malfunctioning awning can become a safety hazard when the RV is in motion.

If this seems like a lot of steps to accomplish before heading out on your next RV camping trip, why not consider having all the hard work done for you so you and your family can focus on what’s really important–enjoying your adventure! So this season do yourself the favor and skip all the above hassle by renting a fully equipped and ready to go RV from Adventure in Camping!

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