When it comes to outdoor adventures that are enjoyable and fun for every member of your family, there are few activities that compare to the unique experience of geocaching in Mammoth!


Geocaching is the immensely popular outdoor hobby that combines the best of nature and adventure, and allows you the opportunity to explore new places and locations you never even knew were there! And perhaps the best part about geocaching is that it is essentially a fun treasure hunt that never ends, which any one can participate it, day or night!

To begin participating in geocaching adventure is to sign up a free account in order to have access to the coordinates and locations of the various caches in your area.

Then with your smart phone or a GPS system you seek out the cache, and upon finding the small items left by the cache-creator and either leaving them or replacing them with something of equal value, you are to sign the logbook and return the cache to its original location.

With over 2 million caches (the ‘treasure’ which you are searching for) worldwide, geocaching really is the perfect anytime adventure that will take you places you’ve never been, all the while being a part of a rapidly growing community of geocachers who continue to take this unique hobby to even more exciting and challenging places!

Another great feature of geocaching in Mammoth is that it is something you can do practically anywhere, making it the ideal activity for family vacations and other exciting outdoor adventures.

A Mammoth Lakes camping trip for example, would be one such perfect location to begin your family’s geocaching experience, as there are several dozen caches within the 93546 postal code areas. As one of California’s most naturally beautiful locations, the scenery surrounding Mammoth Lakes camping destinations makes for the perfect backdrop to geocaching adventures.

Just imagine how much more interesting your Mammoth Lakes camping experience can get once you get started on an exciting geocaching family adventure!


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