A trip focused on reconnecting with nature’s beautiful playground is sometimes exactly what you need. Camping is such a great way to relieve stress, have fun and capture a new experience every time. However, some circumstances can really interrupt the peaceful adventure if you are not prepared for them, especially rain. Here are a few great tips on how to be prepared and enjoy your camping adventure, even in the rain.

Plastic Bags

While they may not be the most environmentally friendly, plastic bags will save you if you find yourself out in the woods in the middle of a storm. Plastic bags come in all sizes–trash bags, grocery shopping bags, sealing sandwich or gallon sized bags. There is a wide variety that can be very useful to quickly waterproof your belongings. Even your hiking pack can be wrapped in a trash bag for a layer of protection. Items that you will especially want to enclose include dry firewood, matches, digital camera memory cards, electronics and important documents like licenses or a passport.


Newspaper can become a very convenient resource during a storm. Be sure to store some in a waterproof bag. In the case of a bad rainstorm, your dry newspaper might be your only resource for starting a fire if all the wood is damp. It is also handy because it acts as an absorbent. If you stuff rolled up sheets of newspaper in your wet shoes at night, it will work to absorb some of the water overnight and you will have nice dry shoes in the morning.

Learn the Signs of Hypothermia

Hypothermia occurs when your body’s core temperature lowers drastically. It is not something that only happens in extreme icy or snowy conditions, but being wet from the rain puts you and others you are with at risk for hypothermia. If someone’s body temperature drops below 95 degrees you might start to see some symptoms, such as slurred speech, impaired judgment, frostbite, shivers and pale or purple-tinged skin.

In the ideal scenario, someone who has gone hypothermic would be immediately rushed to the hospital, but in a camping situation that is not always possible. If you are in a situation in which the hospital is not an option you should remove any wet clothing and cover the person in dry clothing, blankets, sleeping bags and whatever else you can use. The idea is to bring up the person’s body temperature as quickly as possible.

Collect Water

While the rain might make certain aspects of your trip less convenient, do not forget to actually take advantage of the water opportunity. Set out bottles, cooking pots or any other collection device to hold onto some fresh rain water. Only collect water that falls straight into your containers, never water that has dripped off of a tree or branch. Even fresh rainwater is smart to filter before drinking if you have the option.


If this all seems like too much hassle to endure, do not give up on a camping adventure, even if the weather promises rain. Renting an RV from Adventure in Camping will allow you to stay comfortable and dry during the bad weather, but still smell the beautiful post-rain scent in the air once the storm subsides. We recommend this as your driest option.