There is an abundance of adventure waiting for you and your family at Mammoth Lakes this year! And with activities ranging from traditional favorites like fishing and hiking, to outdoor adventures that are unique to Mammoth Lakes, such as the experience of sightseeing at the Mammoth Consolidated Mine, or visiting the beautiful geothermal springs at Hot Creek, there is something fun for all your kids to enjoy when RV camping at Mammoth Lakes.

The following ideas are just a small sample of the many family friendly activities and adventures to experience when RV camping in Mammoth Lakes:

  • Take a family hike:

A nature hike is a great way for young kids to learn and explore their natural curiosities about the outdoors and wildlife, as well as encourage a lifelong appreciation for the beauty surrounding us. But most importantly for the time being, hiking is fun; and at Mammoth Lakes this is especially the case since there are hundreds of miles of trails to choose from.

For simple and easy trails that won’t physically test you or the young ones too much, try Crystal Lake, McLeod Lake, and Convict Lake Loop. Be sure to bring hats, sunscreen, proper shoes, binoculars, and snacks and water.

  • Explore the hot springs in Hot Creek:

Not only is this a popular fishing spot and family friendly picnic area, but the unique beauty of the hot springs and it’s brilliant blue water makes for an experience that your kids won’t soon forget. Located just 15 minutes south of Mammoth Lakes, this trip is definitely worth the drive when you’re already camping in the Mammoth Lakes area.

  • Introduce your kids to snowy-fun on Mammoth Mountain:

With over 150 trails to choose from and trails for skiers of all ages and levels, Mammoth Mountain is the perfect place to take your kids when they are first learning how to ski, snowboard, or simply play in the snow! With features like a kid-friendly chair lift and the Wonderland Park, you can spend an entire day just enjoying the snow with your family at Mammoth Mountain.

  • Visit the ruins at the Mammoth Consolidated Mines:

Never underestimate the curiosity of a child and how much they love to learn! With a trip to the Mammoth Consolidated Mines, not only will you be right in the middle of the alluring scenery of the Mammoth Lakes Basin, visiting the abandoned mines gives your children a chance to appreciate history in memorable and fun ways.

  • Don’t forget to check out the Lakes Basin Trolly:

Looking for a relaxing way to enjoy the scenery of Mammoth Lakes with your children without having to exert much energy? Well, since most young children love to ride trains and Mammoth Lakes offers a free public transit on the Lakes Basin Trolly, why not kill two birds with one stone and take a ride on the Trolly after a long afternoon adventure? Open from 9:00-6:00 a.m. and even in operation during the rain, the Lakes Basin Trolly is a perfect way to enjoy a low-key adventure with your family.

Remember, kids can have fun with almost anything so long as you provide some enthusiasm and share in the experience with them, there is an endless supply of activities to enjoy when RV camping in Mammoth Lakes!


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