Camping is a fun activity for you and your family! However, preparing for a camping trip is not an easy task. You will need to prepare properly so that you will have everything you need for a fun family camping adventure.

All your effort in preparing for your camping trip will pay off because a well-planned camping adventure would lead to smooth-sailing adventure with no hassle, and with so much fun!

In order for you to have enjoyable family camping trips, here are a few tips from Adventure in Camping:

  1. Plan the date of your camping trip.

It is best to plan your trip ahead of time. Pick a schedule that works for the whole family. Pick a date when everyone is free to enjoy a well-deserved break away from school or work.

After picking a date, confirm with your chosen campsite if the date is available. There are lots of families that are also looking forward to spending quality time of their own.

  1. Bring along some friends.

If you don’t have a big family, or if you would just want to have even more fun, it is a great idea to invite some of your kid’s friends or your own friends! The more, the merrier, right? Don’t forget that the number of people that will be camping with you is an important part of your preparations, especially when it comes to the amount of food and water you’ll bring with you.

  1. Prepare the things you need to bring.

Although camping brings you closer to nature, it doesn’t mean that you don’t bring anything along and end up just using the things you’ll see around the campsite. Your camping trip should be recreational, and should help you relieve yourself from the stresses of everyday life.

To fully enjoy your camping trip, you must have all the camping gear necessary. We have prepared a checklist of the things you should bring on your family camping trip so that you can have an enjoyable camping trip.

For your camping trip, you will need to bring the following:
(Note: If you are renting a trailer from Adventure in Camping, many of these items are included in your rental!)

A. Camping Gear

  1. Pillows
  2. Blankets
  3. Flashlights
  4. Lanterns
  5. Batteries

B. Cooking and Eating

  1. Stove
  2. Fuel
  3. Lighter or Matches
  4. Frying pan
  5. Pot
  6. Portable coffee maker
  7. Corkscrew
  8. Roasting sticks (for hotdogs and marshmallows)
  9. Firewood
  10. Containers
  11. Cooler
  12. Plates
  13. Bowls
  14. Spoon
  15. Fork
  16. Knife
  17. Cups
  18. Trash bags
  19. Sponge
  20. Dish washing soap

C. Clothes

  1. Daytime clothes
  2. Sleepwear
  3. Active wear
  4. Swimsuit
  5. Rain wear
  6. Shoes
  7. Gloves
  8. Hats

D. Toiletries and other personal items

  1. Soap
  2. Tissue
  3. Toothbrush
  4. Toothpaste
  5. Insect repellent
  6. Sunscreen
  7. First aid kit
  8. Any prescribed medicine

E. Optional items

  1. Camera
  2. Maps
  3. Bikes
  4. Toys for any children

Try trailer camping for a stress-free camping adventure

Did you notice that we didn’t include tents on the list of must-have camping gear? That is because we believe camping with a trailer means less hassle and more time to enjoy your trip! Being closer to nature doesn’t require you to stress out about setting up a camping tent. You can take advantage of the time you save by enjoying your vacation a little bit more.

So for your next family camping trip, try out trailer camping only with Adventure in Camping!