Planning a camping trip this fall? Here are some of the essentials to remember

If you’re like many Californians this year, you are probably planning on taking an RV camping trip during the beautiful fall season that is now upon us! And what’s not to love about enjoying the great outdoors, during one of the most scenic times of the year, in one of the country’s most exciting states?

The experience of camping in California is unique for many reasons; to name just a few:

  • –  Ideal climate and weather during the fall make exploring California a beautiful adventure
  • –  Iconic landmarks and national parks, like Yosemite, Big Sur, DeathValley, and Lake Tahoe
  • –  Plethora of fun and family friendly campgrounds, resorts, and RV parks throughout the state
  • –  Variety of geographic terrains to choose from in terms of coastal, desert, and forest areasNow it terms of coming prepared to your campground, whichever one of the hundreds of wonderful campsites you decide to choose, there are a few fall camping essentials that you need to know if you really want to make the most out of your experience! We have broken down these camping tips into 5 general topics, below:1. Planning and Preparation
    • Choose a location according to your needs–find a location near you that has recreational activities that you and your family actually want to do.
    • Look for cheaper-priced campgrounds–sites this time of year are much cheaper than during the summer and spring seasons if you look in the right spot.
    • Research the area–make sure the destination you want to go to is amenable to RV camping during the fall2. Packing
    • Make a list and be specific–a major essential fall camping tip is to always come preparedwith the right gear! Plenty of warm layers, a cold weather sleeping bag, rain gear, andextra socks and shoes.
    • Pack for everyone in the group–if RV camping with children or pets, don’t forget tobring along all of their special things that you might forget, including bedding, food, dogbags, and appropriate shelter and harness for your dog
    • Safety gear–appropriate emergency and first aid kits, as well as back up tool kits areessential fall camping items for a safe trip.3. Essentials for setting up camp
    • Get to camp early–this assures that you will have plenty of time to unload, check out thesurroundings, and set up your RV for the stay.
    • Build fire safely–fire safety is a major part of responsible camping during any season, soit’s vital to abide by the rules and fire regulations of the campsite and the county in whichyou are residing.4. Staying warm
    • Bundle up with layers–wearing multiple layers, using a warm water bottle, doing some jumping jacks and eating snack right before getting into bed, can all help you get into and stay warm.
    • Use the bathroom right before bed–the last thing you want to do is have to get out of your warm sleeping bag during the middle of the night in your RV!5. Cooking while camping during the fall
    • Plan meals ahead of time–write out a menu of all the meals you plan on cooking aheadof time so you bring exactly what you need and can plan the timing as well.
    • Prepare and precut as much as you can–save time and space by preparing all portionsand cutting up as many ingredients ahead of time as you realistically can.
    • Cast iron cookware is a must!–A truly authentic fall camping experience includes the use of food prepared on a cast-iron skillet right on the fire! Nothing says fall camping quite like a meal made by the fire using a cast iron skillet