If you have decided to plan a camping trip for the spring, you are probably looking forward to a peaceful adventure with fewer crowds, cooler temperatures and beautiful blooming scenery. In order to be best prepared for your spring getaway, you are going to want to make sure you bring these recommended essentials.

Windproof Jacket

There are many great brands out there to choose from, but do not leave home without this asset. Even if the weather forecast predicts warm weather during the day, bring you windproof jacket to protect you from the windchill during the night. Low night temperatures can make for a miserable camping experience if you are unprepared, so if nothing else, bring your jacket for that.

Waterproof Backpack

Every camper needs a hiking backpack of some sort, and again there are many different reputable companies that sell high quality products. However, when dealing with the summer the chance of rain is always lingering, so make sure that you bring a backpack that has a waterproof outer liner.

Water Filter

Water filters are very handy, as they free up lots of space and weight that would have been occupied by water bottles in your backpacks. There are many different kinds of water filters including filtered bottles, filter straws, or solitary filters that attach to other containers.


Especially in early spring, you will want to make absolutely certain that you are traveling with a headlamp. Before daylight savings, the sun sets pretty early and setting up a tent in the dark is never fun. Your headlamp will light your line of sight, while still leaving both of your hands free. This will also come in handy while hiking on trails, and it will give other hikers a heads up of where you are.

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is an obvious camping requirement, but in the spring you will want to be extra selective with your sleeping bag choice. You will want to make sure the material is lightweight, waterproof, while still providing a lot of warmth. Some sleeping bags come with extra insulated layers that are great for chilly spring nights. Options that offer down liners or mummy sleeping bags will hopefully be a worthwhile investment.

Stormproof matches

These matches are a must for wet spring conditions. You will need reliable matches for your campfire, and the worst is finding a box of matches that got wet in your backpack. Stormproof matches are impossible to extinguish, so you do not have to worry about keeping them dry. They always burn for fifteen seconds no matter what, and then they self-extinguish.

Merino wool base layers

The key to springtime camping with changing or unpredictable temperatures, is to always dress in layers. As the day goes on you can remove layers to adjust and stay comfortable. A nice base layer of a merino wool shirt or socks will keep you warm during the day or night, but will still feel lightweight. Should you feel too hot, this layer will function as a cooling layer adjusting to whatever your body’s needs are. The material of the merino wool also will dry quickly should you get caught in a springtime shower and your shirt got wet.