If you have given yourself time this summer to have an adventure at Mammoth Lakes Basin, you will not regret it. Maybe you are going by yourself to connect with nature, or with friends and family. This basin is on the edge of one of the world’s largest volcanic sites, featuring granite domes, craters, fissures, lava tubes, symmetrical columns of basalt, saline lakes, warm creeks and natural hot springs. Either way there are a few sights that need to be on your must see list.

Devils Postpile National Monument

This national monument protects an unusual collection of dark basalt columns that have come to be known as Devils postpile. These rock formations were formed from lava flow less than 100,000 years ago, but now they look like tall posts stacked beside one another. It is interesting to see what mother nature can preserve and this massive, but delicate, piece of natural history is definitely worth a trip and a photo.

You can access Devils Postpile by following a beautiful trail marked inside of Devils Postpile National Monument. Once inside this area, there are about eight miles of maintained trails.

Rainbow Falls

Especially if you are exploring on a sunny day, do not leave without also finding Rainbow Falls. A light mist from the 100 ft waterfall creates a spectacular rainbow on sunny days. The trail is over five miles in length round trip and a somewhat moderate level of difficulty. However, know that the Rainbow Falls Trail is sometimes considered more of a difficult trail and can be pretty dangerous. These massive falls spray water across all rocks and trails in the surrounding area, so be sure to admire from a safe distance away and do not risk climbing on the wet, slippery rocks.

Gateway to Yosemite National Park

The beautiful area of Mammoth Lakes Basin provides a wonderful gateway to Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is a great place to explore, but you can save money by visiting the park during the day, but camping overnight back at Mammoth Lakes.

This area sits just over 30 miles southeast of Yosemite’s Tioga Pass Road. This area has tons of lodging options if you are looking for indoor options. Mammoth Lakes has an athletic vibe going and hosts many of triathlon trainers and endurance runners.

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