When going camping food prep is one thing that you want to make sure you put some thought into. If you rent an RV you have a few more options because you can more often than not plug the RV in at campsites and possibly have a working fridge or freezer. In other cases where you won’t have the luxury of electricity you will want to consider the following food choices:

What to bring when RV camping

  • Shelf-Stable:
    Having food that is Shelf-Stable will make your food last longer while on your camping trip. You can pack canned oil-packed tuna or canned chicken. These foods can be used for many different meals or just eaten alone for a quick snack. They will last long, don’t need to be kept cold and don’t take up a lot of space. Other canned options are beans. There are so many different options for beans; black, pinto, refried, garbonzo and kidney to name a few. These beans can be used for tacos, burritos or over rice. Lots of options for beans!


  • Catch-All Spices
    Catch-all spices are a space saver, rather than bringing individual bottles. If you know you want to have tacos then bringing a premixed taco seasoning packet is definitely the way to go. You can also premix your own spice mixes and bring those in Ziploc baggies.


  • Trail Mix, Nuts, Bars, Beef Jerky and Dried Fruit
    These are all great foods to have on hand while camping. They make for quick snacks that can easily be thrown in backpacks if you go out on a hike. Trail mixes can be made or found in bulk sections at most grocery stores. All of these foods are easy to store in individual bags or big bags for group snacking.


  • Instant cup of soup and Pasta meals
    These are great things to bring when camping. It just takes a quick few minutes of heating some water, pouring over your soup or pasta, and in another few minutes you have a great meal. These come in individual sizes and family sizes. There are many different flavors and varieties to choose from, so even picky eaters can find something they will like.


  • Instant Coffee Pack and Tea Bags
    For those coffee lovers it might be hard not having your fresh brewed coffee ready when you wake up in the morning. Instant Coffee packs are a good substitute while in the wilderness. Tea bags are also a great thing to bring because you can drink this hot or cold. You can brew your tea for a hot cup or add your tea bag to some ice water for a chilled refreshing tea drink.


  • Sandwich making foods:
    Sandwiches are a must while camping. Packing bread, peanut butter, honey or some jam is an excellent food that you can eat at your campsite, or even while out exploring. None of those ingredients need to be refrigerated so it makes for a very smart choice of food to bring. You can also toast up your bread on a griddle and make breakfast sandwiches with some eggs, bacon or sausages. Bagels are another sandwich bread type that has many different uses.
  • Pre-cut frozen fruit and fresh veggies: Pre-cutting and freezing fruit, like watermelon, grapes and raspberries is a good way to get some fresh food. These fruits don’t mush when they unfreeze and are delicious to eat frozen on a hot summer day. Pre-cutting veggies and storing them in a bit of water helps them stay crisp and enjoyable for days at a time. They can also be packed and taken on outdoor explorations.

If you do want to bring more highly perishable foods like cheese, yogurt, butter, eggs, bacon, deli meat etc.…pack a large cooler you can replenish with ice. If you have a camper you can then transfer those items to and from the fridge if necessary.

The last and most important food items that you CANNOT forget when camping are graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate for nightly s’mores!

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