Taking a break from smartphones, computers and other electronic devices reduces stress and anxiety. At the same time, a digital detox may improve your social interactions and happiness level. While it can be challenging to avoid electronic devices, it’s totally possible, especially if you find activities to replace your screen addiction. 

One of the best activities you can do if you want some digital time off is RV camping. It gives you the opportunity to do recreational activities with the beauty and wonders of nature as your backdrop. Hiking, stargazing, fishing, boating and bird watching are just some of the unique experiences you can do while camping. 

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Ways to digital detox during your RV camping trip

To help you do some digital detox, we listed some tips to make your experience fun, exciting and free from digital distractions. 

Play games 

When we say games, it’s not just traditional board games like chess and Monopoly. 

As you marvel in the great outdoors, you can pass the time by playing Kings Corners, Spoons and other high-intensity card games. Scrabble, crossword, cryptogram puzzles and other word games are also fun to do with the family.

You can also try “react and act,” a game where players write down various camping situations. For example, this can be a snake in a tent or a bear walking along the hiking trail. Next, a player acts out whatever is written on the paper while everyone makes their guess. 

Do nighttime activities

As you’re camped outdoors, that’s one of the best times to enjoy the beauty of the night. You can do some stargazing and be in awe of the starry skies above. With or without a telescope, the night sky becomes different without the city’s usual light pollution. 

You can also light a campfire and spend the night telling stories with your family. Set up a mat and prepare some marshmallows and S’mores to roast on the fire.

If you’re up to it, you can also go for a nighttime walk in the woods. It may be thrilling to wander around in the dark with just a lamp on. If you’re going to do this, just make sure that you don’t go too far from the camping grounds and have safety precautions in place. 

Explore nature

The greatest part of going on a camping trip is being close to nature. Make the most of your time by exploring the great outdoors. Just make sure not to disturb or damage the wildlife in the area. 


You can try bird- and animal watching. You can also do a scavenger hunt and collect pine cones, rocks, leaves, berries and other items. Instead of picking things up, you can just take a picture of them to minimize your impact to the environment.

Do water activities

If you’re going to Mammoth Lakes or other campsites near a lake, river or other bodies of water, don’t miss the opportunity to have some fun in the water. 

You have various options depending on your comfort level. Some activities require intense physical activity, while others are not as demanding.

Put some sunscreen on and wear your bathing suit as you do these water activities:

  • Fishing
  • Swimming 
  • Canoeing/kayaking
  • Boating
  • Water volleyball
  • Diving
  • Skipping stones
  • Water balloon fight

Cooking meals and eat outdoors


One of the perks of going on an RV camping trip is the ability to have a kitchen while you’re camping. As you unplug and take a digital detox, take the time to cook meals with your family. Just remember to bring all the ingredients you’ll need and plan your meals ahead of time.

You can let the kids help to give them a sense of accomplishment and pride. This is also a great way to help them discover new interests and to spend valuable time with them.

After cooking, you can have a fun picnic in the woods or near the lake. However, avoid leaving food around so as not to attract bears and other wildlife. 

Final word about digital detox

The ways electronic devices negatively affect our physical and mental health cannot be overstated. We’re constantly stressed out, distracted and sleepless. That’s why whenever possible, having a digital detox is a welcome relief for our overall wellbeing. 

RV camping is a great way to go off the grid and enjoy nature’s sublime beauty. If you’re going to the High Sierra, Adventure in Camping has a vast fleet of the newest and largest RV trailers. You may reach us by filling out this form or calling us at (760) 935-4890.