A mishap in an experience with your RV rental has the potential to ruin your whole family trip —from forgotten kitchen utensils to ill-equipped electronic supplies, the necessities are what make a camping adventure complete! And this is why Adventure in Camping’s RV Rental Services in California is the ultimate solution if you want to avoid some of the most common mistakes in RV rentals.

While an RV camping trip in California is an exciting time for you and your family, it can be stressful planning and executing all the prerequisite steps necessary in creating a smooth and successful adventure. Such a trip is unique because there are several opportunities for overlooking or forgetting an important component of the recreational vehicle. Take for instance these common mistakes campers often make when using an RV rental, ranging from packing problems to simple misunderstandings about how the accouterments of the RV work.

Remembering to pack the essentials – for example, chairs, a freshwater hose, BBQ materials, and batteries, is a frequent problem for RV-ers. Both experienced and novice campers make the mistake of overlooking small items which make a big difference in an RV adventure and this is why Adventure in Camping’s RVs come equipped with a basic set of dishes, eating and cooking utensils. We also give you a basic set of pots and pants, and a stovetop coffee pot. Our standard trailer rentals do not include linens or bath towels, but our ultimate line of retails do. We even furnish an entry mat and a small outdoor rug for the outside of the doorstep.

In addition, Adventure’s trailers are not only furnished with propane and battery power and clean water, they also are energy efficient as a result of the solar panels affixed to all of our RV models. Problems associated with charging and running out of fuel are therefore no longer an issue when using Adventure in Camping’s RV’s. The services provided by the number one RV Rental in California creates a much more relaxed camping experience because time doesn’t have to be wasted worrying over every last nuance of preparation or sacrificing a necessity for the sake of time.

Similarly, Adventure in Camping’s RV Rental Services also solves the common problem campers face when dealing with driving and parking the RV at their ideal campsite, by providing a professional driver who parks the RV at the campsite location of the camper’s choosing.

The list of campsites from which you get to choose includes locations in Yosemite National Park, Mono Lake, and Mammoth Lake. As navigating through the Sierra Nevada Mountains can be challenging, this service helps avoid the potentially dangerous mistakes made by drivers when navigating an RV through winding roads and windy highways en-route to their destination.

Also, by having your RV clean and set-up prior to your arrival you can avoid the stressful experience most campers face on the first night of their trip when they unpack after a long day of traveling. Adventure’s professional drivers are experts at RV site-setup, which means that you no longer need to stress over the proper setup of the electric and sewage ports and maneuvering the bulky RV into a tight campsite. Moreover, Adventure in Camping’s RV trailer rentals also present the option of customizing your trailer to accommodate your family’s specific needs and add to your convenience. Options such as satellite packages, extra shade and table furnishings, and a generator are available to make your experience even more enjoyable.

This unique approach to RV camping is sure to change the way you interact with the great California outdoors. Imagine the time and energy that can now be used for the vacation instead of the preparation by taking advantage of the options at Adventure in Camping’s California RV Rental!