Sometimes the definition of a good vacation and the worst holiday ever lies in the accommodation you choose. Most families would rather choose another form of outing than go camping because of the hassle of packing and preparing to bring comfort in the great outdoors.

But, what if Adventure in Camping tells you that you do not have to worry because comfort is the game we play in our camping grounds and the RVs we rent out for guests? Worry not, allow us to help you determine which RV is best for your family’s needs so your dream vacation goes from zero to bingo!


So how do we define a young family? Parents just got married and have a child that’s 12 months or younger. Some would ask, why would a couple want to drag their baby to an outdoor excursion? Well, experts say that the first few years of a child are the most important in developing their motor and non-motor skills. It is the time when they try to reconcile how the world works around them and how to adapt to their new environment. Going on a camping adventure is the perfect time to hear the birds chirping, the sound of a flowing stream, and the rustling of the leaves.

That being said, an RV that can fit three to four individuals might just be the size that you need. With a basic kitchen, bath, and bed there is no reason why the great outdoors will stress out your family. The kitchen is also great for sterilizing the bottles and other baby needs. The RV is also equipped with pots and pans that you can use so there is no need to bring the bulky stuff.

Pregnancy is a tough period for moms and going outdoors might just be what the wife needs to recharge her aura and shake the stress away.


Toddlers need a place that can provide them endless entertainment. This is because they have so much energy to spend in their bodies that needs to be let out. Luckily, camping is an activity for kids that have a lot of energy. With the correct introduction of activities, toddlers will definitely have a good time. You can start introducing your toddler to swimming at the lake or throwing stones and watching the ripples. If he or she is old enough to handle little chores, you can start having them do easy errands. We’re pretty sure they’ll start picking up new lessons while camping that they won’t learn in school.

Since they have so much energy to spend, they can also easily get bored. That is why you need an RV that can provide them with enough entertainment. For families with toddlers, an RV that is good for five to six people might be the best option for you. Those equipped with television sets, or radio will help ease your toddler’s boredom. It will also provide an alternative activity for the family in the evening if the weather is too cold for the kids to stay outdoors.


Teens are the hardest to please. It is the phase in their lives when they try to make decisions on their own. You are lucky if your teenager actually decides to go on a family trip instead of hanging out with their friends.

But good news, you can actually invite the entire gang for a night at the camp and let your teenager enjoy the evening with his or her family and friends. Since you are bringing the entire group with your family, an RV that can fit 12 people might be the best option for you. This way, your family can have their own space while your teenagers can enjoy their own activities too.

You can even finish the evening with soft marshmallows and chocolates by the bonfire with some music and guitar playing?


If this is the first time you are meeting with your kids after they have gone their ways to work in the big cities, you might need to get the biggest RV that Adventure in Camping can offer. You’ll never know if your kids will bring their plus ones which can be a friend, a partner, or a colleague. Since they are more mature now with bigger responsibilities and stress, nothing can beat a good night’s sleep to cap off a holiday.

We, at Adventure in Camping, offer premium RVs and that spells comfort like no other camping solution does.

If you think your family will be falling in any of these categories and have decided to camp for your next getaway trip, do not hesitate to call us at Adventure in Camping to book your RV and campgrounds. Camping does not have to be difficult and uncomfortable. With our rentable RVs, going outdoors can be as comfortable as a stay in a five-star hotel, without the cost. Camping in California has never been hassle-free.

Send us an email or ring us for inquiries and we will be very happy to assist you in planning your next camping trip. With Adventure in Camping, your next family excursion is just a phone call away!