Are you thinking of taking your four-legged buddy along with you and your family for an upcoming California camping trip? If you haven’t gone camping with dogs before and do not know what to expect; believe it or not canine-loving campers out there, if you come prepared it is absolutely possible for both you and your pooch to have an enjoyable and stress-free experience!

Preparations for Camping with Dogs

First and foremost, you must determine that your dog is actually capable of being away from home and dealing with the common conditions present in an average California camping location.

For example, if your dog is easily excited, highly vocal, or nervous when tied up, crated, or around other animals–then you should make an honest evaluation as to whether or not your dog will really be comfortable and happy at the campsite. Likewise, if your dog doesn’t have very much experience being outside on a leash for extensive periods of time, then it would be wise to get him or her accustomed to those conditions at a gradual pace, well before you actually head to your chosen California camping destination.

Also in terms of determining if your dog has the right disposition for a successful camping trip, one last thing to consider is if he is going to do well traveling in a car, as many dogs will throw up from motion sickness and some dogs are even scared of cars. It is always a good idea therefore, to prepare for this by doing some practice runs to give your dog some pre-exposure to what it will be like when the day comes to leave for the campsite! Similarly, you should also give your dog plenty of practice being out in public, both around people and other dogs as preparation for camping with your dog.

When it comes to making sure your little buddy is going to be safe from all of the potential dangers they could face while accompanying you on your California camping adventure, there are a few specific precautions you can take to protect your dog. First, it is important to get your dog up to date on all vaccinations and is taking heartworm medication well ahead of leaving for the camping trip. Similarly, since California has a variety of potential pests that could bother your dog while camping and being outdoors, you should apply a long-lasting flea and tick medication on your dog.

What to Bring When Camping with Your Dog

Now in terms of what to bring, there are several items you will want to be sure to pack for your dog-friendly camping trip! Here are just a handful of some of the necessities you will need to make your dog comfortable while camping:

  • fitted collar with ID tags
  • a leash
  • harness
  • a long rope for when you need to tie up the dog
  • a crate
  • food and water
  • dog bowls
  • plenty of treats
  • doggie waste bags
  • a first aid kit
  • a safety light for the dog’s harness if you plan on walking at night
  • a flea and tick comb, and a brush to keep your dog’s coat nice and clean!

Lastly, prior to leaving for your chosen California camping destination, you should look up the location and contact information of the closet vet and animal hospital to where you will be staying. Also, make sure that dogs are allowed in your chosen camping site so you don’t have any issues upon arrival.



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