Okay so all this rain could make campers second guess going on a camping trip at all this season, and while we can certainly understand the desire to not get soaking wet, there are actually a variety of ways and tips that can help you have a successful, fun, and relatively dry camping trip in the rain. But with the following list of tips and tricks on how to stay dry while out in the rain, your next RV trip does not to have to ruined by all this California rainfall!

Bring plenty of bags to protect your stuff
Standard plastic grocery bags and ziploc bags can serve you well during a rainy camping trip because when sealed properly, they do an excellent job of keeping your clothes, shoes, and perishable food items dry from the rain. Plastic bags also come in handy when you need to keep your already wet items separated from the things you need to remain dry, so be sure to bring plenty of bags (sans holes) of different sizes!

Use tarps to keep you dry
The use of tarps in strategic places throughout the campsite can help keep you dry when you’re moving around the site. Simply by tying up a few strategically placed tarps over your campsite, you can allocate some space outside of the RV for you to move around to perform tasks. For example, use a tarp as an awning over the door of the RV, and over the fire at a safe distance, to protect you from the rainfall.

Pack water resistant clothes and camping gear
In addition to having a water-resistant backpack to cart around your clothes and gear while out and about, do your best to avoid wearing cotton once the rain hits because this material tends to absorb the water leaving you cold and clammy long after the rain has passed. Instead, layer up on clothing made out of wool and polypropylene, and consider wearing long under ware.

Be cautious of lightning
Whenever there’s rain there is a potential for lighting so always be aware of signs of lighting when camping in the rain. Stay out of the water and away from large trees should any signs of lighting be apparent.

Bring some newspaper as emergency fire starter
In the case that your firewood gets damp from the rain and won’t start a fire, having some newspaper handy can help you start a fire. Balled up newspaper in your shoes at the end of the day can also help absorb excess water.

Take advantage of the rain and recycle the water
While this won’t directly help keep you dry it’s always a good idea to use resources sparingly when you can while RV camping so that you can save valuable things like the generator and your back up water supply. Fill up your water bottles and other water tanks during heavy rainfall as a general smart camping tip.

Air out and dry your damp and wet clothes when you can
Whatever clothing items that you get wet, it’s important to change out of them and dry them as soon as you can. It’s never a good idea to stay in wet clothes for long, and if you don’t air out your wet clothes, they could get moldy and stinky quicker than you think!

Be aware of the signs of hypothermia and take preventative measures to staying warm! One of the main reasons you need to stay dry when camping while it’s raining is because being wet for too long could cause your body to drop to dangerously low temperatures, or hypothermia.Wearing water resistant clothing when outside, changing your clothing after it’s wet, and having plenty of pairs of dry socks are ways of preventing low body temperature when camping in the rain.