The Easter Holiday is almost here and now that spring is also here, the warm weather and beautiful scenery in California is beginning to arrive making this the perfect time for a family camping trip! And what better way to spend this family holiday than enjoying the great outdoors with your family on an Easter RV adventure?

Taking an RV camping trip over the Easter Sunday holiday doesn’t mean that you have to forgo all of the Easter festivities either! Taking an RV camping trip during Easter can be fun and festive with the right preparation and to help you make the most of your trip, here are some helpful hints for a successful Easter RV camping trip:

  • Check your favorite spot for availability: While the season is still just starting, the Easter Holiday weekend tends to be a popular time for families to head out to their favorite camping destinations, so be sure to make your reservations and call ahead while you still can!
  • Be sure to pack the regular Easter necessities: If you are camping with young children and don’t want them to miss out on all the Easter fun while you’re RV camping, then bring along all the materials you need to make the holiday as festive as you would at home. From decorations, candy, and Eater baskets, to a campsite family dinner, all you need is a little creativity and extra planning for a fun RV camping trip to remember!
  • Campgrounds are ideal for Easter egg hunts: For many families, Easter just isn’t Easter without an egg hunt, so whether you want to dye eggs at home and wrap them safely in a cooler for Sunday morning or bring along plastic eggs stuffed with candy, simply plan ahead for what will work best for your family members. Your campsite makes for the ideal egg hunt spot and puts a unique twist on the traditional egg hunt that we usually do in our backyards.
    • For families with older children, you can take the RV egg hunt a step further and hide eggs along the path of a short hike. Simply have one of the adults walk ahead on the trail to hide the eggs, and make sure the kids have a basket or some type of container to store their eggs in.
  • A family boat ride is the perfect way to celebrate Easter: Whether or not you have a boat with you, be sure to spend some time by the water this Easter when you are camping with your family. Most campgrounds will have access to, or be close by bodies of water that offer actives like paddle boarding , canoeing, kaiaking, etc. Just be sure to look into seasonal availability and things of that nature before you leave for your trip.
  • Don’t forget the family dinner: Just because you’re RV camping doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your traditional Easter dinner either, or you can even choose to get creative with a new campfire tradition. Between a dutch oven, a cast iron skillet over the fire, and the amenities of your comfy RV, your family will be enjoying a one of kind Easter Sunday Dinner, RV camping style!

An RV camping trip during Easter is just like any other camping adventure- all it takes is some great people and the great outdoors.