Note: The Reds Meadow Valley Road to Devils Postpile National Monument is currently closed in anticipation of winter. Additionally, entrance to Devil’s Postpile National Monument has been prohibited for public health and safety reasons related to the Creek Fire.

Are you looking for a scenic site where you can camp and enjoy hiking trails while gazing at the beautiful views around you? Take a trip to the mysterious Devil’s Postpile and discover why over 130,000 tourists visit the rock formation every year.

California has been blessed with a selection of breathtaking landscapes that are unique to its territory. One particular intriguing landmark is the otherworldly 60-foot formation officially called the Devil’s Postpile National Monument. Visitors from around the world flock to this formation to wonder at its magnificent dark basalt formed in a vertical position.


Devil’s Postpile was originally part of Yosemite National Park until it came under federal protection in 1890. In 1811, President William Taft finally proclaimed the site into the national monument as we know it.

The magnificent geologic wonder formed from oozing hot lava sculpted by the cold climate to create dark columnar basalt. If you are familiar with Game of Thrones, the Devil’s Postpile looks a lot like the iron throne, except that it’s a hundred times larger. Due to its distinctive look, many people speculate that the formation was human-made, but scientists and historians have debunked that belief by supporting the lava theory with scientific evidence.

What to Do in Devil’s Postpile

Due to its close proximity to Yosemite, Devil’s Postpile has become a popular choice for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. If you plan to hike Devil’s Postpile’s formations and visit its famous Rainbow Falls, you might need to stay a night or two at one of the campground sites in the area. Although there are multiple sites available, the campground consistently gets fully booked on weekends, so finding a campground site that can accommodate you in advance is crucial in securing your stay.


Below is a shortlist of campground sites around Devil’s Postpile and Reds Meadow that you can look into and contact in advance to book your reservation.

  1. Agnew Meadows Campground
    Best suited for large families, Agnes Meadows offers exciting outdoor activities such as horseback riding, fishing, and hiking as you enjoy the calm wilderness around you.
  2. Upper Soda Springs Campground
    There are 28 campsites in Upper Soda Springs, but they don’t take in phone reservations. You need to physically register at the camp if you wish to secure a slot. Bears are a common sight around these areas, making it one of the more popular wildlife attractions.
  3. Red’s Meadow Campground
    Red’s Meadow offers a larger area for camping, with 52 available campsites to choose from. This campground is only accessible during the summer, and you can only bring a private vehicle through if you will go camping.
  4. Pumice Flat Campground
    Located near the group campground in the Red’s Meadows and Devils Postpile section of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pumice Flat allows campers to experience the full wilderness of the Sierras. It’s also one of the nearest campgrounds to Devil’s Postpile and the Ansel Adams Wilderness.
  5. Minaret Falls Campground
    Situated in the Reds Meadow Valley, Minaret Falls has 27 campsites with several trails and outdoor activities for tourists who really want to break a sweat. The high level of bear activity in the area is also a good crowd-drawer among visitors.

If there is a little more time left to explore or if a trip extension is possible, there are lovely destinations in Reds Meadow that are accessible by walking or by driving just a few minutes from the Devil’s Postpile campgrounds. You can also go to the lakes in Mammoth Lake to maximize your tour around the region. The lakes are ideal for watching the sunrise (or sunset), and there are dozens of beautiful sceneries in the area that you would love to have a picture of.

Feel free to add this itinerary to your planner for the ultimate Devil’s Postpile camping trip.