When it comes to selecting the best and most suitable California RV rental for the needs and specifications of your family, it can be overwhelming! Fortunately, the wide variety in California RV rental models available in today’s market make it possible for you to pick and choose which amenities and trailer features are ideal for the needs of your vacation!

California RV Rental Features

Whether you are looking for an RV rental that is especially spacious, storage-friendly, or economically sound, you can be sure to find the specific requirements you need in at least one of the available California RV rentals at Adventures in Camping! While the floor plans, models and rates all vary, every single RV rental comes standardly equipped with: a basic culinary set of pots, pans, utensils, bowls, plates, silverware, paper towels, and a cutting board; as well as a flush toilet, shower, refrigerator, sink, and awning. Additional amenities and extra features that are available in select California RV rentals include: microwave, slide-out, AC and heating units, TV/DVD entertainment system with outdoor speakers.

Model 26BH California RV Rental

The length and floor plan of the RV can range from 19-31’, with the largest models being able to comfortably accommodate 8-9 sleepers in the trailer. The Model 26BH, for example, is one of the newest available options in California RV rentals, and is especially appealing to large families. Model 26BH provides great storage space while still sleeping up to 8 people comfortably with a double bed and bunk bed combination in the back and a queen bed in the semi-private front quarter; additionally, this RV rental comes equipped with air conditioning and a 19” flat screen TV with DVD player (both units require a generator to operate). This 27’ 9” model also includes a double door refrigerator and freezer, microwave oven, and a bath/shower combination with a skylight. Two night packages for the model 26BH start at just $300!

Model 1710 California RV Rental

If you are looking for a simpler model that requires space for just 3 or 4 people, one of the most popular small RVs is the Model 1710, the perfect economic option for a couple or small family. This 19’ RV rental will fit into just about any campsite in Northern California and even comes equipped with a 3-burner range top with a Wedgewood oven–two night packages with prices as low as $262!

Model 230LT California RV Rental

Another family-friendly option with a little more space and an A/C unit is the Model 230LT. This 24’ California RV rental comes with a fold down dinette, goucho style couch, and a queen bed, allowing space for up to 6 sleepers. The outside shower is a feature on this trailer that is especially appealing and helpful for a family a campsite near a lake or a beach, so that campers can wash off all that sand and mud before entering the RV!

Model 231BH California RV Rental

For a family in need of an entertainment system in their RV rental, the 2014 Model 231BH is the ideal option, as the entertainment system in this particular model has AM/FM radio, CD stereo, TV/DVD, as well as outdoor speakers and an iPod jack. Space is not compromised in this option either, as the layout and configuration of the kitchen creates optimal counter space and area to move about the cabin. This popular California RV rental is reasonably priced with two-night packages starting at $305.

Model Ultimate 262 California RV Rental

The latest addition to the California RV rental selection is the 2014-2015 Model Ultimate 262 ¾ the largest trailer currently available at 31’ 2”. In addition to being equipped with a gas BBQ, a toaster, blender, generator, and linens and towels, the Model Ultimate 262 is comfortably designed to allow campers plenty of space while not sacrificing the important amenities, like a well-equipped and properly spaced kitchen. Another appealing feature of this RV rental is the separate door allowing an alternate access into the bathroom from outside, a design which increases overall privacy and comfort for the RV-dwellers.

Whatever it is that you require and designate as essential for your RV to have, you can rest assured that you will find what you are looking for when it comes to California RV rentals at Adventure in Camping!