Whether you own or plan on renting an RV trailer from Adventure in Camping for your next California camping trip, there are several must-have accessories and gadgets which can make your adventure all the more fun and memorable! While most California RV rentals come equipped with basic supplies, it is still important to prepare yourself by reviewing this updated list of helpful gadgets and supplies that seasoned RV-campers find most useful.

RV Rental Camping Gadgets

  1. Mini solar device charger: the ingenuity of solar power now makes it possible for you to charge your electronic device anywhere, with just a few hours in the sun, a solar- powered device charger can reboot your phone from the comfort of your campsite!
  2. RV GPS, dashboard-camera: investing in a GPS is sure to save you time and RV fuel, there are even systems which let you know the accessibility of routes according to the dimensions of your RV. A dash-cam is an especially helpful gadget if you happen to be a novice user of a California RV rental and are not experienced driving about winding roads in a bulky vehicle. But since Adventure in Camping does all the driving and parking for you, you only need to worry about finding your campsite with your car!
  3. Two -way radios, extra batteries: walkie-talkies are a must-have if you plan on going somewhere without cell-service, and also very helpful when camping with children, as well as when hiking!
  4. Cast iron cooking set: cast iron is the ideal cookware when camping because of its durability and evenness in heat-distribution no matter what type of flame.
  5. Tire pressure monitoring system: another gadget meant to ensure vehicle safety and save you money on gas, a tire pressure monitoring system is a smart investment no matter the terrain or traveling time of your trip.
  6. Folding step stool: a folding step stool is another must-have for an RV trip since an RV contains several vertical storage areas in need of safe access. Plus, the folding feature allows for easy storage.
  7. Mobile wifi hotspot: even if you don’t plan on doing work while camping, it is always nice to have access to a wifi connection, should the need arise while still on vacation!
  8. Citronella candles: one simple citronella candle can be a trip-saving accessory because as an insect repellant, it is safer and more effective than traditional bug spray.
  9. Portable ice cube maker: this handy gadget saves you the time of constantly having to purchase and lug around heavy bags of ice!
  10. Tool kit (extra hoses/cords, duct tape, sealant for leaks, fire extinguisher, first aid, waterproof lighter/matches, batteries): any experienced RV’er will tell you that it is essential to make sure to expect the best but prepare for the worst when stocking tools for repairs, supplies for the RV, and emergency gear. Create one toolkit for all these items and make sure all campers know where to find it.

After you acquire the best gadgets for your trip, make sure to also check out some additional California RV rental options available at Adventure in Camping!