YES! This is the great outdoors, and your Adventure In Camping trailer adds just a touch of civilization. As with any camping adventure, all of the good things come with a rough edge. Our trailers are not replacements for hotel rooms, condos, or other typical lodgings. As our trailers are located in the middle of the animal’s world that you have come to enjoy, you may encounter some bugs and critters. Wildlife may even come to your door. Come prepared and bring bug spray, and keep your food covered and in the refrigerator or cabinets within the trailer or in the bear boxes provided by the campground. While the wildlife may visit, they probably won’t stay. They don’t seem to like humans, just our food and garbage. By the way, each Adventure In Camping trailer is thoroughly cleaned and de-crittered prior to your rental. Any critters you may run across and have found their way into the trailer are part of the campground and are after any food you may have left unattended. We love pictures of nature with your trailer included. Ask about our photo competitions!


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