Mammoth lakes offer numerous trails you can traverse when you go hiking. Whether it is the first time you are going hiking your dog or whether you are a regular hiker, you will surely find a trail that you and your pooch will love.

However, there are certain things that you need to know before you go on an adventure with your best friend. Know that your body and your capabilities greatly differ to your fur baby’s.

Make sure to follow this guide if you plan to go hiking in Mammoth Lakes.

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You and your dog must both be physically ready.

Even if you exercise daily, run 5 miles every Sunday, and eat the healthiest of foods, you must take into account that this particular hike does not only involve you. You should be aware that your furry friend is also physically capable of going on a hike. A visit to the vet is a must before engaging your dog in any strenuous activity.

Brush up on your obedience training.

The last thing you want is your dog running wild in the wilderness. If you are not confident that your dog will follow you wherever you go or obey simple commands, please refrain from bringing him on hikes. Dogs may have the natural instinct to follow their owners, however, there is still a chance that they run loose. You do not want to experience that, especially in unfamiliar terrain and surroundings. It can be very stressful for you and your dog.

Bring enough water and food for both of you.

Do not underestimate the supplies you need when you go hiking. Particularly if you are doing this for the first time, you may be unfamiliar with how much water you and your dog need. Remember that it is best to bring your own supplies and not just allow your dog to drink stagnant water you may find in the area.

Check the weather first before going.

You may think that it is a good idea to go on a hike on a bright summer day, but it may actually be an inconvenience for your pooch. Unlike you, he cannot wear hiking shoes and hats to protect you from the heat. If you hike on a hot day, your pet’s paws may suffer from burns due to the sizzling ground surface.

Clean as you go.

It is always proper and considerate to clean as you go. If your dog does his business along the trail, make sure to scoop it out. Bring with you enough bags and a scooper to make sure that you don’t mess up the trail for other hikers.

Bring human and doggie first aid kit.

When you are up in the trail, you cannot predict what exactly is going to happen. In case one of you gets hurt, it is better to be prepared with a first aid kit. Fill it with medicines and insect repellents for you and your dog.

Familiarize yourself with the trail first.

Like in any other hikes you may do, hiking with your dog requires the same preparation. You should know what to expect along the trail. Do your research properly. Know what plants and animals may be present in the area. Study if the trail is safe for your dog. You do not want this happy plan of bonding with your pet to end up otherwise. Learn about the trail regulations so you and your dog can follow them accordingly.

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