When it comes to packing and preparing for an RV camping trip, remember that space is of the essence and that you must plan accordingly! While there are indeed items that most families would consider to be necessities for traveling away from home, an RV camping vacation is different in the sense that certain things must be left behind for the sake of your own comfortability.

The problem with over packing your RV with unessential or superfluous items, is that the added weight and reduction in space brought on by these extra articles will adversely affect the way you travel with, and move about in, your RV.

7 Things to Leave Behind before RV Camping

In order to address this common RV camping issue, take the following list of the 7 items that you should consider leaving behind when you leave for your destination.

  1. First, leave the luxury cooking items and gourmet food prep gear at home when you are loading up your RV and packing the cargo, as bulky and heavy components like fancy coffee machines for example, really are not essential for your trip. The fact of the matter when RV camping is this: there are materialistic items and nonessential living tools that you will have to do without (but this is the beauty of RV camping!).
  2. When stocking the cabinets and fridge of the RV with food, consider instead to plan out each individual meal your party will be consuming throughout the duration of the trip. Most inexperienced RV-ers make the mistake of overstocking the food supply, with excess cans and the like. Avoid this buy-in-bulk approach because you would be surprised by how much space and money you save simply with proper foresight.
  3. While being prepared for RV-maintenance is important and it is absolutely necessary to bring a basic tool kit, be sure to leave behind the less basic tools which are less likely to be used anyway.
  4. Next, always be aware of the status of all the water tanks when RV camping, as water adds dozens of needless pounds to your travels which reduces fuel efficiency. While a certain amount of water is required in the tanks at all times, remember to frequently empty the holding tanks when given the opportunity.
  5. Another item you should consider leaving behind when RV camping concerns additional components which are fastened to the RV, things like a roof-bound storage pod, a tow trailer with a hitch towing a car, etc. These extra devices will likely reduce the aerodynamic efficiency of the RV, while at the same time increasing traveling time because such items complicate the loading and unloading process.
  6. Several RV campers prefer to leave the big and bulky bundle of firewood at home, due to the fact that this is often the biggest space-hogger on a camping trip (not to mention the hassle of unwanted splinters and messy debris). More often than not, you will be able to purchase firewood once at your destination, which allows you to avoid bringing firewood in the RV in the first place!
  7. Finally, leave your work laptop at home, as well as any other nonessential job-related materials that you are realistically not going to be able to use (nor should you want to) whilst on your RV camping trip!