Here at Adventure in Camping, we believe that camping should be a fun and accessible experience for just about anyone 

And while we try to make your camping experience as easy and as worry-free as we can manage, there are still a good number of things you need to think about when you’re taking the family away on an extended stay in the great outdoors. 

So what are some of the things you should still be considering when renting a trailer? 

Here at Adventure in Camping, we provide you with a trailer of your choice and park it for you at your selected campsite.  

Each of our trailer rentals are stocked with some basic supplies, and come equipped with a flush toilet, shower, refrigerator, stove/oven, sink, and awning. 

But even with all that, there are still a few more things to figure out before your big trip. Here are five things to consider when renting a trailer for your upcoming camping excursion. 

  1. Where Are You Staying?

First things first: have you already made your choice of campsite or camping grounds? 

The Eastern Sierras is a large place with a lot of excellent camping grounds. You’re looking at a wide variety of sites, each of which offers its own set of outdoor activities, amenities, as well as nearby establishments. 

Knowing what your preferred campsite has available can affect your choice of trailer rental. 

  • What’s the elevation of your selected campsite? 
  • Does your site have power where you can just plug in? 
  • Does your site have drinking water? 
  • Does your site allow tent camping? 
  • Does it have amenities like showers or laundry rooms or fish cleaning? 

We’re happy to make our recommendations based on your preferred camping experience, but these are usually the basics of what you need to know as far as choosing a campsite is concerned. 

  1. Your Party Headcount

How many adults and how many kids are coming along on this camping trip you’re planning? 

Your headcount will determine how many beds (and what kind of beds) you’ll be needing for your excursion, and how much storage you’ll be needing to pack supplies, including food and drinking water. 

  1. What Sort of Trailer Would You Prefer?

There are a lot of good trailer models available for renting, and at the very least, each of our rentals are self-contained and come equipped the amenities we’ve mentioned above.  

Of course, some models can be more spartan and basic, while others can be more comfortable and even luxurious. That said, some people prefer to have A/C, or a TV/DVD on board, and even the slide-out feature for more space. 

So you have to ask yourself: just how important are these extra features for your camping trip? (We agree—you’re probably going to want that A/C in the summer!) 

  1. How Many Days/Nights Are You Going Camping?

While not so much of a concern in sites with full hookups, the longer your camping trip, the more supplies you’ll be needing. 

Specifically, we’re looking at: 

  • Food supplies. Remember, you can only store so much in your refrigerator. 
  • Drinking water.  
  • Water for dishwashing, brushing your teeth, showers, and toilet use. 
  • Propane for your generator. 

Your length of stay also determines how much budget you’ll be allocating towards renting your trailer. 

  1. 5. Trailer Length and Width

Lastly, you’ll want to check if your trailer’s length (and width) can be properly accommodated by the campsite of your choice. 

While trailers may be of different makes and models, certain classes fall within certain measurements in terms of width and height. It’s just that some RV parks might have an upper limit for trailer length, and some might not have enough space for you to extend your slide out feature. 


RV Camping, we believe, should be an enjoyable experience. No matter if you prefer roughing it out with seasoned outdoor enthusiasts, or if you’d prefer a more relaxed, more comfortable excursion with the kids, there’s a trailer in our lot that’s just perfect for your camping needs. 

With all these considerations in mind, there is no doubt you’ll find a suitable trailer to rent; one with enough space for your supplies and gear, and just the right amenities for the comfort level you’ve set for yourself this trip. 

Come check out our available units on our website, and go through our trailer models for rates, floor plan details, photos, and more information.