People say age “ain’t nothin’ but a number”. And while that it’s nice to have a positive state of mind and a healthy can-do attitude, the reality is that aging comes with aching joints, high cholesterol, and just a lot less energy in general.

That’s just how it is. It’s all a matter of just aging gracefully. “Go with the flow,” so to speak.

It doesn’t stop you from having fun, however, especially if you’re really big on the great outdoors and the more-than-occasional camping weekend with the family. After all, one of the perks that come with retirement is that you now have the ability to go on vacation whenever you want, and for as long as you want.

RV camping is perfect for seniors. It’s as easy as hopping aboard and driving off to a campground of your choice, allowing you to enjoy nature and even a bit of outdoor adventure without the troubles of, say, pitching a tent or gathering firewood and starting a fire. 

That said, here are a few key considerations when going RV camping with seniors.

You Can Rent a Recreational Vehicle

No RV? No problem!

You don’t actually have to own a camping vehicle to go RV camping. These days, it’s as easy as just renting one. Companies like Adventure in Camping have a fleet of recreational vehicles of all makes and sizes available for you to use for a weekend or two.

Adventure in Camping can drive the RV up to a campground (in the Eastern Sierras or the Greater Mammoth Lakes area) of your choice, making camping much easier for you.

Plan Out Your Activities

We’re not exactly spring chickens anymore– perhaps at some point, we had a lot more strength and stamina to do more adventurous activities. 

But even as more strenuous recreational endeavors might be off the table, there are still a lot of things you can do when you’re out RV camping. You can still do whatever you like, so long as you’re fully aware of what’s comfortably within your capabilities.

It’s a safe bet you won’t be scaling the heights of the Eastern Sierras at this point, but you can still go fishing, take leisurely hikes, or even explore the towns for a taste of the local flavor. 

Pick Out a More Senior-Friendly Campground

With camping never having been more popular than it is today, you’ll find that there are all kinds of campgrounds catering to all kinds of market segments– whether you’re looking to really rough it out, or if you’re looking for something more leisurely or luxurious.

In fact, there are even some campgrounds or RV parks that are “Age 55 Restricted and Over”, with camping enthusiasts (just like yourselves) of retirement-age or older. 

The point is: do take the effort to call your campground of choice beforehand to make sure it has the amenities, facilities, and activities you’d like to have for a more pleasurable camping weekend adventure.

A lot of campgrounds have full hook-ups, in addition to access to more senior-friendly outdoor recreational activities, nearby establishments like spas or golf courses, and if you’re lucky, perhaps even an active elder community that organizes games and socials on a regular basis.

You Don’t Need To Pack So Much Gear, Either

Communities like the town of Mammoth Lakes even have shops that let your rent all sorts of camping gear– from cross-country bikes to hiking equipment, even fishing gear or snowmobiles. 

This means you don’t even have to pack a lot of stuff on your way up to Mammoth Lakes– everything you need for a great camping weekend may be purchased or rented among the many merchants and shops in town.

Don’t Forget Your Food and Medication

Another consideration is the food and medicine you’ll be packing on your RV trip.

It’s likely you have diet restrictions and maintenance medication, so make sure your meals are covered, you have the right snacks with you, and enough meds for the duration of your camping spree.

Take it a step further: take note of nearby hospitals and come up with contingency plans in the unlikely event of an accident or when things go awry. Look into nearby stores or restaurants that might have the sort of food you need. Bring extra supplies just in case. 

A Final Word About Camping With Seniors

If you love camping, don’t let your age stop you from doing the things you love.

RV camping, for example, has never been more popular. And with so many options available out there in terms of choosing more senior-friendly campgrounds, to a wider variety of more relaxed and leisurely outdoor activities, and even services that allow you to rent a recreational vehicle (as well as additional camping gear) for as long as you like, RV camping is also a lot more accessible, more convenient, and more worry-free today.

For senior citizens, a little preparation and planning goes a long way towards making a camping weekend so much more fun and enjoyable. So keep these considerations in mind, and start putting together an awesome camping trip this weekend!