There is nothing quite like a road trip to get your adventurous spirits up while exploring new sites and destinations, whether you are traveling to a specific location or are simply taking a spontaneous trip with no particular route in mind, there is just something about the possibilities of being on the open road.

An RV road trip gives you a unique opportunity to go about traveling in ways that are more comfortable and often much more enjoyable than the traditional hotel-style of going on a road trip.

Moreover, RV travelers often find they experience a greater sense of privacy and comfort without having to sacrifice their sense of adventure during their road trip.

RV camping and RV traveling in general have also come a long way in terms of improving safety, affordability, and comfort ability thanks to advancements in technology.

In fact, improvements in RV engineering and compatible traveling equipment have made RV camping skyrocket in popularity amongst California families within the last several years.

So in order to help you take advantage of all the amazing new advancements and opportunities available for your next RV road trip, we have put together a list of 5 of the best apps that will come in handy and improve the overall quality your road trip!

  • Roadtrippers

What this app does: Basically a mapping system that helps you plan the route of your road trip directly from your phone or on, and allows you to look of thousands of locations including spots that you wouldn’t find with most other apps, including little known roadside attractions and local diners.

How it will help you: Roadtrippers is a great tool to use for planning an RV road trip, no matter how in depth you want that planning to be, as there are a variety of useful features that are could make any RV road trip smoother to plan, such as a feature that allows you to share routes, destinations, and itineraries with friends on the app and online.

  • Google Maps

What this app does: Helps users navigate using a variety of different methods, including real-time updates for traffic conditions and automatic re-routing capabilities.

How it will help you: Google Maps is essential for any road trip because of the accuracy of the directions and live-information it is able to convey, thus making your RV road trip all the more enjoyable because you will experience much less stress over directions in general.

  • GasBuddy

What this app does: Gathers all the prices of gas at nearby gas stations and lets you know which station is the nearest and cheapest.

How it will help you: GasBuddy can save you time and money on your next RV road trip because it allows you to strategize when and where to fuel up.

  • Roadside America

What this app does: Gives you access to a directory of all the popular, quirky, historic, and funny places to visit while taking an RV road trip anywhere in the United States.

How it will help you: Roadside America is an especially great app to have with you while taking an RV trip because there are literally thousands of worthy places to stop when road-tripping through America that you might not otherwise have even known existed without apps like this!


  • PackPoint Packing List Travel Companion

What this app does: Advises you on what to take on your road trip after taking into consideration your route, destinations, activities, and weather forecasts, etc.

How it will help you: This strategic packing tool can help any RV traveler by making it much easier and helping also by taking the guess work out of packing for a road trip.
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