Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you have to stop working towards fitness. However, those that finally get a break from the real world might want to start their journey toward wellness.

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Here are some ways to work towards mental and physical fitness while you are with us at Mammoth Lakes. While physical fitness is essential, Mammoth Lakes is the perfect place to start working towards mental wellness. 

Hiking at Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes has over 100 different trails to choose from with various difficulty levels. Alltrails.com is a great resource to refer to for finding the trail that fits you best. 

When considering your trail, be mindful of your physical limitations, the time to complete the trail, and the elevation gain. It can help you to plan out your breaks as needed during the hike and help take into account the needs of someone with any medical issues.

The Duck Pass and Pika Lake Trail are among the most popular trails. Hikers love this trail because it is pet-friendly and scenic with a waterfall and diverse wildlife.

The rating on this trail is “hard,” so you must take appropriate precautions when taking on challenging trails. This trail is rated to be completed in 5 hours, but some have reported taking over 7 hours to complete. 

Trail safety is essential. Be prepared by bringing enough water, food, and other provisions. While you may have phone service at times, it is always safer to bring a paper map. 

The trail takes a long time to complete so be mindful of when you start the trail. You don’t want to be stuck hiking through the dark. 

Kayaking at Mammoth Lakes

You will learn the physical requirements quickly for anyone who has not been kayaking. At the same time, those that do have physical limitations can still enjoy their kayaking experience. 

For anyone with physical requirements, it is best to go with someone more experienced. The most rewarding kayaking experience is the feeling of physical activity and mental clarity. 

When you are out on the open water, the overwhelming sense of freedom and tranquility will engage the true essence of camping. Like hiking, it is always best to be prepared.

If you don’t own a kayak or didn’t bring it with you, rentals are available at the Lake Mary Marina.

Many local rental locations have maps available. It is effortless to get lost while traveling through different waterways.Before you know it, every tree or landmark looks like the last one. 

Always wear your life jacket. No matter your experience level or how great of a swimmer you are, it is not worth taking the risk. Accidents can always happen, and it is too easy to flip over in a kayak. 

Not wearing a life jacket does not show your experience level. Many marinas or stores sell waterproof bags that can be worn around the neck. These are perfect for taking on your kayak to store your phone, maps, or small essentials. 

Yoga at Mammoth Lakes

Yoga is a great way to stay fit because you can do it just about anywhere and the mental fitness that goes along with it. So if you can, find the perfect place to do your yoga and namaste.

If you didn’t pack your yoga mat, don’t worry. The Snow Creek Athletic Club has classes available. The athletic club has many different resources for fitness, from cardio equipment, pieces, strength training, pickleball, swimming, and more. 

Meditation at Mammoth Lakes

Meditation provides some similar mental fitness aspects as yoga but requires less physical and requires less training in advance. If it is your first time meditating, plan by choosing the perfect place and time.

A location with no distractions at a time when nothing needs to be done. Most people find meditating early in the morning the best as that is when others sleep and rarely interrupt. 

Mammoth Lakes has perfect locations with amazing views to help create a mood of peace. It is always best for beginners to start slow and increase the time as they progress. Coaches are always available if you find yourself unable to meditate.

Final Word

Mammoth Lakes is the perfect place to break from the world and find the time to be physically or mentally fit. If you have already been on the journey, there are many resources to maintain your fitness. 

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