Here are the top ten reasons to go RV camping!

  • Unplug from technology

In today’s modern society technology runs the world. You are always connected to something that’s notifying you that your old high school friend posted a video that you definitely could live without but will watch anyways. Camping is the perfect opportunity to go where the wifi can’t follow you and remember what life is like without screens.

  • Reconnect with nature

We live on a beautiful planet and some of the most beautiful parts have been preserved in parks. You can live out your own National Geographic fantasy by exploring breathtaking mountains, rivers, canyons and waterfalls.

  • Spend quality time with family or friends

There is no bonding experience quite like a camping trip. Learning how to survive in a new environment for a couple days brings people together in an unforgettable way. Camping might be the best medicine to build relationships, both old and new.

  • Have a new adventure every time

No two camping trips are the same. Even with the same RV in the same park, each trip is unique like a fingerprint. Camping can be a relaxing, rejuvenating experience, or a high-adrenaline adventure. It just depends on exactly what you are looking for.

  • Relief from stress and anxiety

Camping is an opportunity to escape in a healthy way. Don’t bring work stress with you or relationship anxieties. Sometimes the best therapy is not on a long sofa couch, but actually in the great outdoors.

  • Vitamin D

Office jobs and video games promote a lot of Vitamin D deficiencies. (You know who you are.) It feels great to feel the sun soaking into your skin and a fresh breeze in your hair. Camping is a great way to force yourself to get up, move around and intake some natural vitamins.

  • Affordable getaway

Vacationing can get expensive quickly, which can be discouraging when you are planning just a quick getaway. Camping is a great solution. This is a memorable trip that will not break the bank, but it will be totally worth every penny you spend.

  • Make it your own

Nobody is telling you what you can and cannot do on a camping trip. While state and national parks do have certain rules about what areas are and are not open to the public, you will still feel freedom as you explore the ins and outs of exciting trails. Camping trips are totally your own and you can customize it to whatever fits your needs.

  • Test yourself

While you are camping you will have many opportunities to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and confront something new. When you test your limits and achieve new goals you will find a unique sense of accomplishment that can rarely be found elsewhere.

  • Don’t compromise comfort

The best part of RV camping is you get all the benefits without compromise. No need to sleep on the ground or eat MREs. RV camping provides the comfort you are used to while still giving you a remote, outdoor experience.