When you and your family are on an RV camping trip in California, there’s never a shortage of exciting adventures and fun activities to enjoy. But what about the times when you’re sitting around the campsite or in the RV, and need something fun to do to entertain all the campers? Well look no further than these 10 best RV camping games listed below as the answer to your campsite-entertaining needs!

Outdoor games

1.     Horseshoes or Cornhole: For classic aim and throw games sure to keep the kids and adults playing for hours, bring a horseshoe set and/or the game known as cornhole, a game similar to horseshoes except players take turns throwing bean bags in the hole of a slanted wooden platform about 20 feet away.

2.     Geocaching: With a GPS device and some coordinates provided online at geocaching websites, you and your family can spend an entire afternoon exploring the great outdoors on a treasure-hunt like adventure! While the caches themselves hold no value, the fun is in the journey of the exploration.

3.     Frisbee or KanJam: Tossing a frisbee back and forth can provide hours of mellow campsite fun, or you can mix it up with the frisbee game called KanJam, a game that turns frisbee throwing into a competition by allowing players to take turns aiming at the target, which is a large plastic cylinder with a slot in the front.

4.     Baseball/football/playing catch: You can never have enough throwing and catching related games to play at an RV campsite, so stock up on plenty of tennis balls, baseballs and gloves, basketballs, beach balls, footballs, etc when camping with kids and adults for some fun-filled afternoons.

5.     Scavenger hunt: For something a little different, why not try setting up a scavenger hunt for all the kid-campers, which is an easily customizable game that you can tailor to the specific ages of the kids who are playing. Try teaming up in adult-kid pairs for a good time for everyone.

Indoor games

1.      Charades: Whether playing with an actual set of cards or making your own words and pulling them out of a hat, Charades is the perfect game for those nights when you’re all in the RV and looking for a fun way to pass the time.

2.      Jenga: Though it can be played outside (check out Giant Jenga Sets), there’s something about sitting around a table cozied up with your family and playing Jenga that makes this activity the perfect RV camping game.

3.      Card Games/Uno: Always bring at least a deck of cards when camping! From Spoons, Crazy 8’s, Euchre, War, and Old Maid, once kids learn a new game-they can play for hours! Don’t forget to bring other popular card games like Uno.

4.      Apples to apples: For the adults in the RV, a popular game to play is Apples to Apples, where one players gets to decide which player chose the best “description” card to go with the “thing” card that was drawn. The game is meant to be silly and usually the most out-there description gets the biggest laugh to win the round.

5.      Scrabble and other board games: For those classic board game lovers, you can’t forget to bring games like Scrabble and Life, and even games like Operation and Hungry Hippos can be fun for everyone to play in the RV.